Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 July, 2008 -- End of the road for today

I had to go behind the hangar and read the meter... This is where I had been...

This is where I wanted to go.

This only took an hour. Man, it was steamy today.

Briggs played in the office where the air conditioner blows. He's fascinated by the dangly strap on my camera. Have to be careful to keep my hands out of range. He got bored with the game.

When I rattled the cat food dish, out he came!

Tomorrow I head for north Missouri to shoot pictures of corn. Then on into Iowa, if the clouds stay away. After last night's storm, the remnants of the Texas hurricane finally drifted away today. I siphoned about an inch out of the revetments. Larry & Juanita are here to look after things for a few days.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 July, 2008 -- Day 100 of 335asthecrowflies

I had to start posting on my laptop back in June, as the pc was flaky, and I picked up on day 67 or so, (I think). So I think this is day 100 of the 365 that I'm required to take a photo. I think I can make it all the way!

Today, the strangest sight taxied up to the fuel pump... it was so tall, and the pilot was so tall, even he had to stretch to reach the tanks. The amphibian Scout, and the Mooney pilots, had to dodge rain showers north of here on their way to Oshkosh. Both from Texas.

Tonight the pop-up storms started south of here, then another hit square on after dark, rained and rumbled. Welcome rain!

That lightning bolt looks like it hit right on our house! But it's farther away, probably out by Jan's house east of town.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29 July, 2008 -- Hot, no traffic

Well, no airplanes, no airshow today. I took the thermometer outside on the asphalt, and it got up to 128 degrees. By the time I had it back on the office wall, it had dropped to 127. The other sensor is on the wall just outside the office door, in the hot stuffy hangar, and it read 101. Good day to take a nap. Briggs helped me.

We should have been fishing or swimming today. Grant and Grandpa Thad, back in the 70's. This print is changing color as it ages. Fonda requested a copy of it, so I had to get a stool to get it off the wall.

I mowed late this afternoon, so missed the sunset.

Monday, July 28, 2008

28 July, 2008 .. Happy Birthday, Ty

Tyler, our US Marine, is somewhere out there on a ship, helping keep America free! He's 21 today, only where he is, he's already 21 and 2/365ths (as Cam would say).

I don't have a picture handy, but I do have his MOTHER's picture from 1963. Ty and his mother are so handsome, don't you think? AnnDee, in Denver, at a Newhouse family reunion. What a CHICK!

More traffic for Oshkosh. We had our own airshow here at 1MO, with Snoopy as lead-off performer, dust and all. Top shelf stuff!

Grant, I found your high school graduation pictures, just north of the glueboard, but on the second shelf instead of on the floor. Maybe I'll get them scanned for your 30th class reunion in 2018.

This is the best windsock, Juanita brought it back from Alaska. Ain't this exciting? 1MO, cleared to depart!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

27 July, 2008 -- More Oshkosh planes

Three RV6 homebuilts from Texas, heading for Oshkosh Airventure. Then, along comes a Bonanza. Later, a Cardinal. Four on the ramp makes a crowd!

Young Eagle on the ramp! Oh, it's just a youthful terrapin, probably a teenager in turtle years, maybe two or three. Shy.

LAD had blueberries and pancakes. I had blueberries and ice cream! Yum.

In one week, the sun has moved south, the width of a tree. Days are getting shorter now, can you tell?

The life of a Missouri Blueberry

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