Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 Sept., 2010 -- Mine older seester ees sebendy today

Happy birthday, Carolyn!

Our usual get-up, except there are no stick horses or cap guns! (showing).
In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, just up the street from the
Hotel Colorado and the Hot Springs Pool, Doc Holiday's hangout.

A rare picture of us... in dresses! Usually we were
fighting over who got to be Roy Rogers or Gene Autry!

Grandpa Henry (my namesake), me & Carolyn,
cousin Carol Ann, in Aspen, 1950 or 51.
Caro in Henderson, NV in 1946.

Grandma Maude, big seester Barbara, Daddy mugging in the
window. Carolyn mugging, me in my usual boots & overalls.
Notice the forward opening rear door... Caro says it's a 1938 Buick,
in which we moved from Vegas to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
"Remember us using the big fat fenders for horses, with ropes
tied to the park lights that were on top of the fenders?"
(I thought it was a Nash Rambler. The front seats laid back making
a floor for a bed.) No motel, ever! Camped out, or stayed with uncles & aunts,
summer vacations to Las Vegas, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, all over the west.

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Sept., 2010 -- Clear air today

Tim and Tammy stopped on their way from Memphis to Lake of the Ozarks.
Tim borrowed some of our clear air. Lloyd supervises.

This evening we drove down 95 to the Junction Store for catfish buffet and bluegrass down-home live music, met up with Arnie and Erica, who flew down to Ava from Chicago for the week to enjoy the wonderfully cooler weather we're having.

Deer in the headlights, four of them in the driveway.
Couldn't get them to stand still for a portrait.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 Sept., 2010 -- It's about time

3.3 inches today. Since July 12,
we've only had about 1.5 at the airport.
Grass will need mowing soon!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 Aug., 2010 -- 2 months 2 days

It's a "who's-it". June 27 depart, August 29 return. Some vacation, huh?

Finally a gray day, and a little rain. Spraying season is over. Two of the ag planes are ferried back to 1MO, and the boss finally gave up his day job at Marshall and drove his big rig home. On Sunday, Randy headed for Alaska to be a bush pilot for a month.

Saturday, Ben and Rhonda flew to Gaston's for lunch. When they returned, Ben offered me a ride in the Luscombe to fly to Marshall to shuffle the van; after a half hour restarting it, along came Tim and Tammy heading for Lake of the Ozarks, so plan B became an adventure for them to take me to Marshall. Lloyd needed to inspect the Musketeer, and Tammy notched another airport into her flying career.

On the way to Marshall, we flew over Lake of the Ozarks. The boats were so tightly tied together, it looked like foam on the water. They were having boat races.

Doc in his Cub, and Don and Peggy in the Mustang. Probably the classiest things on the fuel line all summer.

He's adorable! Can I keep him? Found three of these hornworm dudes on one tomato plant. Wasn't much left of the plant. Not much left of summer, either.