Tuesday, April 26, 2011

25 April, 2011 -- Toad strangler continues

Another lightning storm... and more rain... of the 10.5 inches so far in April, 8.5 of it has come in the last 5 days. There are benefits to living on top of the hill.

Frogs love it. Randy caught hail with his cell phone camera a few days ago. I was in Jeff City then, helping Cam become 11. That's his best bud Jack. I tried to make off with his new math book, but had to give it back.

Cam's b-day bunch.
This is a pie...
I mean, it's a cake, but it's a, uh, pi cake.
For those of you not pi-inclined, it's a math thing. Sam made it... uh, Samantha. Sorry.
We all went for a benefit CF walk for Izzy, she's 3. That's Grams Monica, Ralph, Gramps Roger with Izzy, Dev and Samantha.
After the walk, we retraced the path and found a geocache, over the river and through the woods, quick before the poison ivy gets any taller!!!

Yeah, Samantha's a student driver, and Dad's got that "deer-in-the-headlights" look.

Speaking of "through the woods", Ben and Randy and I dove into it today, collected a mess of morel shrooms for Ben's supper. I don't know how many chicks and tiggers we collected, but the blackberry bushes collected some flesh... it's spring, folks, and the going' ain't easy down thar in the brambles.

Amaryllis in bloom, has 4 of these on a single 3 foot long stem in a little bittie pot... it toppled over today, had to tie it up. Supposed to bloom at Christmas time. Things don't always happen on time around here!