Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 Dec., 2009 - Oh, bull... no bull.

Bull from the east invades middle ground. Runs out on road,
gets chased back into middle ground, and sent home.
Uphill both ways, barefoot, in annoying cold rain.

Bull from the east hears bellowing from bull from the west.
Bull from the east crosses middle ground again, faces off
with bull from the west. Huff huff.

Oh, come on, boys. Is all this noise really necessary?

Bull from the east gets chased home again.
Bull from the west wanders away to nibble on grass with
his girlfriends, who are not very impressed with the whole thing.

Juanita sent me frost flowers from Arkansas.
The moisture in stems of weeds freezes and bursts through,
making ribbons. Aren't they wonderful!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

6 Dec., 2009 -- slick sleet, say that three times.

Just a little sleet, enough to make it a little slick.

5 Dec., 2009 -- Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade in Mountain Grove... it was cold, but the
wind had died down, and it was a delightful collection of
kids, Santa, lights, big trucks & tractors, and a lot of fun.
They even drove a brand new school bus around the square,
and it was big and beautiful!

Jamie is in there somewhere, playing the flute.

The News-Journal building in the background is an old bank building,
where I worked for 12 years. That was my introduction to computers.
And the training to look for things to photograph...
I had good teachers... Lafe, Jackie, Orin, Sandy, and David who was a HS student!

The gal with the green hat riding the 20-something year-old bay is
one of my bowling partners. She was worried about him reacting to the
environment. He was calm, unlike the black that followed Santa
straddling two horses!

The McCune sisters warmed up the crowd before the parade
began. They are wonderful singers!

Found these ice crystals in some grass near Austin Lake, a
local Conservation Department fishing area.

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