Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 Jan., 2011 -- T.O., LD... T.O., LD... T.O., LD

Ben and Zack practiced Take-Off, Land... Take-Off, Land... Take-Off, Land this morning after breakfast at Willow. Was a nice morning, especially for January! (yes, his prop is really spinning.. how's that for stop action? well, the prop in the air is, but the one on the ground isn't.)

Hey, we got broadband at the airport! Wireless! Get aboard! We're in the cloud! (Whatever that is in the internet world).
I thought it would be as simple as the house setup, but it wasn't, so had to call in the pro from the local tele office. Took him an hour, so I guess I wouldn't have ever got the job done. Tomorrow I will test out the range of the signal. Hey, we're modern! Now we've got to get LD computerized and internetized... oh, dear. And protect the keyboard from kitty tracks, make sure they don't run off with the mouse.

My dad Thad was a lineman, too, climbing poles in Las Vegas and Aspen and Glenwood Springs and Denver. He would have loved this digital battery powered age! In fact, his nickname was "the battery man", and that was back when a D-cell weighed ten pounds. His grandson Grack has inherited that electrically-driven passion... NO, Grack... don't stick your fork in there!!!!