Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 May, 2009 -- Lowering the boom .. er, beam

One down, one to go!

Thanks, Ben.

30 May, 2009 -- Mike's flight jacket

Here they come again! AnnDee and Bruce. Quick stop, then back to Colorado.

Around the world... Mike's flight jacket finally made its way to my house. Jody gave it to me when we were celebrating her birthday in Vegas several years ago. I couldn't bring it home on the airliner at that time. So, sister Carolyn brought it as far as Colorado this spring, and AnnDee brought it the rest of the way to Missouri. AnnDee liked the old VW bus, Yo, we'uns be hippies!

Jan called me about noon, "Hey, I see your relatives gettin' gas in town!"
She recognized the camper and boat from last week. Nothin' gets by Jan around here!

30 May, 2009 -- The Great Moon Shootout

Nikon 70-300 mm lens on D2x. 12 mpx, jpg.
If we made prints, then we could really compare!
The D90 should be better, twice the resolution.

29 May, 2009 -- Coon patrol

We've been capturing and relocating racoons lately. I've been taking them two or three miles away and turning them loose. This one went to Whetstone Creek.

Mowed the pasture late this afternoon. Man, I'm TALL.

Old, too. I refilled my old-age prescription this afternoon, and the pharmacy clerk said, "Hey, that's my birthday, too! Same year and everything." "Well, happy half birthday, then" I said. "Today we are exactly 66.5 years old. Together we are 133 years old! Ain't we done fine livin' this long????"
How's THAT for hillbilly?

Friday, May 29, 2009

28 May, 2009 -- Another one set free

Got the Archer out of the hangar today.
Ben and Lloyd removed some remaining sheet metal,
and Zack retrieved nails with the magnet.

Varnish really brought out the nice grain in the oak fruit crusher.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 May, 2009 -- Fly! Be Free!!!!!

Ben came by to help Lloyd take down the hangar door frame. He wasn't really dressed for this kind of work (so we chased him off). Lloyd had most of it done, anyway.

40 year old rusty bolts, kinda reluctant. But Lloyd won, as usual.
Got the 180 this far, then used Ben's tow dolly to pull it the rest of the way.

It cleared that hanging beam with lots of push push pull pull lean on it push push pull pull.
You get the idea. Relief.
Fly!!! Be free!!! Three weeks of captivity, over!

The Archer is still trapped, though.

Lloyd replaced the spinner on the 180, and it's ready to go to work. Now, if I just had some work to do. It won't be long.

Jody, I'm still using Mike's wheel chocks from your 172, and I still have all your LA and Vegas charts from the early 90's, too, tucked away on a shelf. You must tell us all your stories!

New fruit crusher and juice press arrived today... They are so beautiful, I hate to stain up the oak, and they smell so woody-good. I'm planning on making blackberry, and maybe blueberry, juice this summer. Then, maybe with a little yeast...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May, 2009 -- New moon

It really is a color photo. Clouds finally blew away after a blustery day.
Larry & Juanita drove up from Arkansas today. We ate out. It was good.

Monday, May 25, 2009

25 May, 2009 -- Colorado kids on Memorial Day

Well, not kids any more! Ann Dee, my niece, Bruce & their kid Tyler drove from Glenwood Springs, Colorado yesterday... only took them about 16 hours. They are on their way to southeast MO to spend a few days with Ty's wife & baby, and her family. Ty's on leave from the Marines this week. It's so good to see them!

Rained off & on today.

Toadie took up residence in my flower/tomato garden... and two Brown Thrashers danced around in the driveway.

24 May, 2009 -- Another rainy day

Sunday, May 24, 2009

23 May, 2009 -- Rain Saturday... frogdrowner

Well, not really a frog drowner, but it did provoke this fellow to travel and take up the center of the driveway to the airport.