Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 June, 2009 -- Jamie's Dance (and other friends)

Jamie's dance recital... two hours of entertainment, with lots of surprises for the big crowd!

Jamie's mommy and Uncle Steve chat during the break. Steve was tending to some of the sound system controls. He wouldn't let me touch anything... shucks.

Here we have friends Joyce and Clara Faye.

Sherry is in the back row, being quite elegant, you know.

Joyce, Clara Faye and Sherry. Don't know the lady on the left.

This is Gracie! She's really animated and dances with zest!

I think she was grinning at Grandpa Steve and Uncle Donny!

So, would you like fries with that? Sky with your full moon? Or just moon?

Different lens tonight, not as good for that long distance. But just right for the dance.
Fonda's moons are spectacular!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 June, 2009 -- This is almost like work

I thought I'd spend the day leaning on the shovel.... well, did that... and clawing mud with the post hole digger, and chunking old concrete, and "water boy" (yes, Randy, I know), and head down in a three foot deep hole chasing a rope to tie on to a concrete chunk, and... then mowed some grass (push mower, not that sissy riding thing).

We set the two corner posts. Now we just need a beam or two, a roof and a door. (Look in the background there, a cat's drinking out of the water bucket. She did that all day!)

Ben and Zack showed up just at the end, and Ben had to see how high that scissor jack/lift would go... as far as you feel safe... ok, that's far enough... and in the picture he was already on the way down!

There's that June-Moon again!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3 June, 2009 -- Drizzle, rain, fog, mist, feels like October

They got the hay put up just in time... rained heavy last night, and I've captured a couple more buckets of rainwater for the house plants.

Where in the world is... (I need some help, here. Found these characters on a shelf in the hangar, and I can't identify them. Now, I know Superman, and Barbie, but I don't know these two.)

They are standing in an inch of rainwater that has leaked into the darkroom, diverted by a tarp into a developer tray on the floor. Who are they???

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 June, 2009 -- Some progress

Progress... make hay while the sun shines... it almost rained today.
Roy and Steve are making progress on the pasture... Now we have a view without all that five foot tall grass! (I lied, it did sprinkle while I was doing this post.)

And Lloyd made a little progress at the airport... set two steel posts and got some concrete poured. I finished painting the other beams, and hauled off a trailer load of old concrete chunks.

(That's one concrete chunk I don't have to cart off).

Juanita brought me some plants last week, and this one sprouted a funny pretty little bloom. I forgot what she called it (lemon something?)

1 June, 2009 -- Holy cow, it's June already!

Painted the I-beams for the hangar corner posts... isn't it ironic that you would paint a steel beam to prevent rust, and the paint is almost rust colored?
Well, somebody has to ponder these esoteric philosophical ideas.

Ok, we'll look at my itty-bitty maters, and the slowly ripening blueberries. Exciting stuff.