Friday, May 8, 2009

8 May, 2009 -- morning storm

Maybe we're just not supposed to have a roof. ANYwhere.

The cowling was already off the 180, it was undergoing the annual inspection.

This is the only airplane damage so far, both spinners got smushed.
Now, if we can get the beam raised without smashing into the planes,
and then get the door open, maybe we'll sneak them out without any scratches.

This was after the storm had passed.

Not a scratch!

Covering the office to prevent water damage. The darkroom
was leaking, too, but no damage. Lloyd was in the office when the wind
hit this morning; he said it just peeled the roof off like an onion. He was
on the phone to Randy, who was in the basement of the local clinic trying
to get meds to get over bronchitis. Oma, Aunt Sus LAD and I were in the motor
home in the garage, listening to KY3 on the crank radio. No damage at the house!

VFW got lucky, the tree fell to the side and not on the roof.

Blink blink. Whaaa happen?

Riding out the storm, Aunt Sus and LAD.

Neighbor Bob. He helped collect our roofing in March when
it blew away. Now he's lost his shingles. Our new roof stayed on!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

7 May, 2009 -- Dirt, and happy birthday, Jared!

Happy birthday, Jared... 12... magic number!

No mud today, so LAD just mixed up dirt for planting the blueberries.
Tomorrow, maybe.

Lloyd captured Ricky Raccoon last night, been scaring the airport cats and eating their food. Relocated to the woods behind the house. Gone in a flash!

Nice soft sunset tonight, lots of moisture in the air, foretelling of storms tonight, possible hail.
All the cars are tucked in under cover now, thanks to the new roof!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6 May, 2009 -- Mudder

This morning LAD practiced on his bike at the airport.
Hey, dig those fancy biking gloves!
(Batting gloves, smallest ones I could find).

Ah, the skateboard. Man, he's gonna wear out the knees in his jeans!

This afternoon, he helped me move roofing sheet metal out of the hay field. Then he got distracted by a mud puddle. Whodathunkit. He went through three pairs of britches today
(and two hats)!

Man on a mission. He never goes anywhere without his bug trap and fishin' pole.
Hey, that's a respectable amount of mud on his jeans.
Check out his mamma's & Uncle Grant's mudders from 1974.
I think LAD needs some more practice! Grant was 4, Fonda (mommy) was 6. (now LAD's 3.5)

Fonda would jump on her end and try to dump Grant into the mud.
Or she would jump off of her end and Grant would stumble into the mud.
Or they would just jump teeter-totter and splash mud everywhere.
The geese were always after Grant's belly button! LAD's life is so simple.
These are my almost-most favorite pictures of these two.

Robins were upset. They built their nest on top of the back porch light.
I had to use a mirror to look in. How come bluebirds lay brown speckled eggs,
and robins lay blue eggs? They sure are pretty!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 May, 2009 -- Bugs

LAD caught four rolly-polly pillbugs, a beetle, and a worm with the bugcatchertraptools.
What a hunter! He never touched any of the bugs. LAD also took most of these photos!

Mommy's off playing golf. Why would you play golf when you could
be catching bugs?????

Mark and Bill, looking for a place to go for lunch!

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 May, 2009 -- Lad raises a flag

LAD helped G'ma Airplane put up a small flag on the deck today. He used the long-nosed
pliers and the hammer, and handed me the screws and helped steady the ladder

At the airport, LAD shot a photo of Daddy and G'pa unloading a truck.

Lad took this one of G'ma, too, wearing oversized
nomex coveralls. Looks like a fishin' trip coming up!

G'pa bought Subways for lunch, and Lad hands over the change.

Glad to see ya, Daddy! Randy had just landed the ag plane.
The phone rang at the same time; it was Mommy who had just
landed in Raleigh! Talk about timing...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

3 May, 2009 -- Rainy day, play inside

Drag out every toy (this is just the beginning).

Eat peanut butter & jelly (keep it away from G'pa Allen).

Exercise (with help from G'pa Airplane).

Play hide & seek (where Harry-cat had been).

Jamie & Jared & Jan came for a visit, too (Fonda will post those photos).

Changed my mind. Fonda can put them on her blog, too.