Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 Aug., 2008 -- Breakfast

John flew to Willow for breakfast. John, you need to do something about that propeller, it's way too slow.

Speaking of breakfast, I fed spidey a moth. That's the fastest spidey in

Then, a jet was parked on the ramp! Well, not a jet really, just a Bonanza and a long-legged shadow.

And the most complicated flower on the planet.

29 Aug., 2008 -- Today, yesterday, & it's tomorrow now

They're EVERYWHERE they're everywhere they're everywhere!
Juanita found a yellow & black beauty in Arkansas, I found another today in the pilot lounge window! Beware, bugs... they're EVERYWHERE!

AAAaaach... attack of the stick bug! He's fast, I couldn't stay ahead of him. (Stick bug's not really making all that noise, there's a helicopter departing in the background).

Well, maybe two helicopters. Hey, big boy, wanna go fly formation?

Season's over, Air Tractor left Iowa heading home to Louisiana. (Actually, I think he's the one making the airplane noises in the background of the stick bug photo).

Just a plain old Cessna 172, with a camera hole! (Patched over, no competition).

Two terrapins, must be a change in the weather coming. Sure enough, lots of thunder & a little rain.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

28 Aug., 2008 -- Way to go, SammieJ!

Granddaughter Samantha (7th grade) wrote to me today. She says:

i entered a poem contest that i saw in a magazine. i sent them three of my best poems and this one is getting published!!!!!!!


Swimming pools

Hot days

Cool drinks

Sun's rays.

Sleeping in

School's out

Summer party

Run about.

Play outside

Calling friends

Hanging out

Never ends.

Barking dogs

Four-leaf clover

Having fun?

Summer's over.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27 Aug., 2008 -- Airport stuff again

Well, back to work. John exercised the RV4 this morning (sorry, John, no picture, guess you'll just have to fly again), just as the morning mist was lifting. Then Ben headed for COU in the Sport. Nice 4-blade prop (not really - just the movie effect).

Just after Ben returned, a Bonanza appeared in the sunset, fueled, then departed for Chicago.

Jan submitted a garden spider. Want to see it? OK!!!