Saturday, April 11, 2009

11 April -- Long day

Posting early, will be late getting home tonight. Gotta go now, then be in Springfield by 5 p.m. to do the Wright Flyer thing.
Here's a clue: NRA

Friday, April 10, 2009

10 April, 2009 -- Yesterday, today, and busy tomorrow

I found another picture of the Tiger Moth that landed yesterday.
I have too many cameras. Is that possible...

And I potted up the Tow-Maters. They are growing madly, in their
new containers... recycled cardboard raisin cans. Early Girls.

Tomorrow night, our EAA chapter members are going to dismantle the Wright Flyer replica that's hanging in the Springfield Branson Airport, their crew will move it, and we will re-assemble it in the new terminal building, then their crew will hang it. Might be a long night!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

9 April, 2009 -- Storm coming

Storm coming, thunderstorm, with possibility of hail, tornado.
Update: We got about an inch of rain, lots of lightning mostly cloud-to-cloud, light hail, 30 mph wind. Not too bad, we were on the south side of the more severe stuff. Followed I44, as usual.

Roofing crew sealing up previous roof screw holes that were letting moisture into the framework.
We're waiting for the insurance company engineer to investigate the previous shoddy installation, before this crew puts up the new roof.

While the roofing crew finished, and before the thunderstorm system moved in, a couple
of airplanes landed, on their way from Indiana to Neosho, right into the path of the storm
system. This old biplane is a De Havilland Tiger Moth, 1930 era open cockpit, with primitive navigation systems. They checked weather, then decided to chance going on toward their destination.

Air speed indicator.

8 April, 2009 -- John home from Texas

It must be spring... John flew the Zipper in from snowbirding in Texas. I wasn't quick enough to get a better photo when he buzzed over this morning. I guess Joyce is still on the road, driving.

Hey, don't smack into that post! It will be supporting 4 feet of roof overhang. I guess I'll have to paint it white.

Hey, this guy's got my job, leaning on the shovel. Really though, these guys work fast and don't stand around idle at all.

My blueberry planting area. Hooray for tractors and post hole diggers!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 April, 2009 -- Roofing crew arrives

BBBRRRRRRRaaaPPP - now that drove me outside! Suddenly the yard was full of construction guys. This guy was cutting off the remaining overhang, preparing for the new roof.
They didn't bring enough crew... I volunteered to stand around and lean on the shovel.

Now THAT is going to be a ROOF. And a carport.
And an overhang for the front door so it won't drip on ya trying to get the key in the lock.

Hmmm... tractor, post hole digger... Hey, about those little holes for blueberries I was digging....
Yes, they dug 6 neat holes for me, out in front by the three blueberry bushes.
It's still too cold to plant the new bushes. But soon...

Eureka! The lawn mower started, only took 6 pulls. I battled the blackberries and multiflora rose bushes and creeping sprouts on the pond bank this afternoon. Hey, now there's a path all around the pond. Let's go fishin'.

Monday, April 6, 2009

6 April, 2009 -- Tow-mater for LAD

Hey, LAD... I found Tow-mater today!

Hey, I can make stuff up if I want to, right?

These are Juanita's orchids, in her greenhouse in Atkins, Arkansas.

This is my orchid, in the south kitchen window.
I think this will be a bloom, it's got one gangly fast-growing stem.
No contest, huh?

Juanita's flowers are blooming outdoors already. Oh, pooh. It tried to snow here today.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 April, 2009 -- My own "tagged" game

New rules: if I don't take a picture during the day;
1. pick a month (July = 7), any year. In this case, 2008.
2. pick the corresponding photo (7)
That's all.
That was the day I got slimed...

Hey, I'm making up these rules. Use more than one photo if I want to.

Blustery day in the 10 acre wood.
The wind has been blowing, up to 39 mph today,
and now it's blowing AND raining against the window.

This afternoon, I moved the remaining roofing panels from the driveway, dug a hole and relocated a shrub that was languishing. Then I cleaned up a pile of rocks and old landscaping
beams and wheelbarrowed it all down to the landfill.
Rolled two large pots of soil (last year's tomato garden)
over to the propane tank area to clean up the yard around the deck.
Rescued a handfull of earthworms to the compost pile.
Should have gone fishing.
Too windy.