Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 Jan., 2009 -- EAA remembering

Five years ago today, Bill Ghan's Wright Flyer replica flew 290 feet, at 20 mph, 10 feet above the runway, for almost 10 seconds, at Willow Springs Airport. Don Nevels flew it that day, after builder Bill flew it briefly (nose wheel up!) on 17 Dec., 2003 in Willow Springs, on the 100th anniversary of powered flight, in 1903 at Kill Devil Hills, NC.
Now our Wright Flyer replica is hanging in the Springfield-Branson Airport, soon to be moved to the new terminal area.
Tell you what, that was one of the most exciting take-offs I've ever seen... even more, almost, than seeing, on tv, Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969.
This little model came with the Flight Simulator 2004 software.

Now, this little model is a little different. Clint talks about weight and balance, using a newer biplane on a stick... "newer"... yeah, the engine is out front on this one. However, he never did explain how it works without a prop... Of course, tied to a stick, and yet, ooops flat spin- quick, Marge, add some weight to the nose or take some of the quarters or washers off the tail, somebody quick do something oops too late oh well now if we take weight off the tail and add it to the nose, or if the rudder was bigger or... hey, if it's a homebuilt, you're on your own!

Marge always helps Clint with his enormous cue cards! They always put on a good show, even though Marge hides behind the cards.

Sandy read a tribute to Jerry, a letter from friend Tim from New Jersey. Earlier, Phyllis and Tom read a card from Tina, who is now in Arizona. Two pilots, Jerry and Jim. The best.

Jim was the "entertainer".
And entertaining from the kitchen, Joyce (and John of course), entertaining with the south Texas taco supreme-ooooo.

Anybody yearning for spring and green grass... ?

Flying... above it all... that's what it's all about.

Friday, January 9, 2009

9 Jan., 2009 -- Flying things everywhere

Takes a lot of wind to make that huge flag fly. It sure was pretty this morning, with a big blue sky.

Well, John got warmed up, but didn't fly. He had a good grip on his 180, just to taxi in the 18 mph gustiness this afternoon. How am I going to post pictures of airplanes flying, if they don't fly...

Lookie there, the local flock of geese did fly off to another watering hole, had a tailwind, hope they didn't overshoot.

Clouds were flying in this evening, bringing more gusty wind and some rain & snow later tonight. Might be clear enough Saturday night to see the biggest, brightest full moon of 2009. It will appear about 14 percent bigger in our sky and 30 percent brighter than some other full moons during 2009, according to NASA. (A similar setup occurred in December, making that month's full moon the largest of 2008.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

8 Jan., 2009 -- Red, white & blue & bling & bird & bloom

GlaStar came in this morning, departed this afternoon for St. Louis area. Beautiful day to fly!

Had a request to see Sammie-J's bling...

and the plumage from Bird. Ok, you asked for it!

There are very unique creatures in my life, including the kids and grandkids.
You are de bezt!

I almost forgot the orchid... another bloom opened up. It sure likes the winter sun in the kitchen window. I forgot the name... Juanita will let me know! She's the orchid lady from ARK.

7 Jan., 2009 -- High fashion

Grant's bunch sent me a gift box, with plush robe and slippers, and bling, and some of bird's plumage. Thanks, guys!
I came home this afternoon and napped with Smudge cat, then went bowling tonight. Back to Springfield in the morning, then home again, etc.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 Jan., 2009 -- All in a day's work, or two

Finally finished two-day job, making about 50 cds of those aerial photos. Tomorrow I'll take them to the ups store, and then I'll be DONE with the month-long project.

Look! it's the mountains! I asked the guys to do the seventh floor windows to improve my view. They said maybe tomorrow, but then I'll be gone back home! I'll bet they never get finished with this job.

The view is better at night, even with smeary windows. This is getting boring, eh?

Monday, January 5, 2009

5 Jan., 2009 -- Secrets

Parking spots become readily available after 3 p.m., must be a shift change at the hospital. Otherwise, expect to be on the fifth floor. However, one doctor riding the elevator to the top floor revealed a secret, that the likelihood of a car being hit on the first floor parking, which is reserved for doctors, is so high that he parks on the top floor. He was hit three times before wising up.

My vw was tucked in on the third floor, but after going out this afternoon and returning after 3:30, I found a spot on the first floor ramp to the second floor. We'll see if it survives!

The outside parking lot was jammed full today.

Oh, such inspiring views.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

4 Jan., 2009 - Meteor shower?

Yeah, I know... it's not really the Quantadrid meteor shower predicted for early morning on the 3rd, but it was so foggy that it wouldn't have been visible, anyway.
Besides... if we can have Christmas in July, why not the 4th of July in January?