Saturday, July 5, 2008

5 July, 2008 ... Fireworks, with hotdogs

Picnic! Hot dogs! Boomboom!

Better than last night, these were the big ones. Fonda's pictures are
better, though.

Well, Ames is a little bit bigger town than Mtn. Grove.

Now let's see some pictures from Grack. He went to Boomville, er,
Boonville for fireworks at a private lake.

G'ma Airplane,

4th of July, 2008 ... Fireworks, of course

Tonight, neighbors near and far from our house set off their 4th of July fireworks. They were small images far away, so I made a composite of the better ones. The moon made a sliver presentation.

All day, I printed most of the job that I shot last week. The printer puts down the yellow dye layer, then magenta, then cyan, and finishes with a clear uv protective layer. Then each print gets a label, is trimmed and checked off the list. Monday they will be shipped to Kansas.

Working off the Dell laptop, as the pc is still messed up. Shuts itself off at random, I guess it's the hard drive going bad.

Couldn't go shoot corn fields today, as the weather had us all grounded. Lightning and thunder and an inch of rain overnight. The twin engine Seneca finally departed for KC about ten a.m., and Randy took off for Iowa about noon. Too many clouds for me. I'll try again tomorrow morning.

G'ma Airplane... flying tomorrow maybe

Friday, July 4, 2008

Micro 4 GB

Can you beleive that this Micro SD card (on right) holds 4 GB. The card on left is a regular size SD card adapter. Man, how tiny can they get these things!!! And it only cost $ 10 in the end. Was 20, then had a Google shopping credit thingy and free shipping. Can't beat that! Anyway, it fits into my new Palm Centro smartphone.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

3 July, 2008 ... Human Fly

Randy will fly back to Iowa to get his new helmet tomorrow before they start spraying again at Marshall on Monday. It arrived at home, and LAD opened the package. Human Fly?

Ooooh, noooo! My pc shot craps this morning. With my left hand I'm
working on the Dell laptop, with my right hand I'm reformatting and
reinstalling XP on the pc.

I fought with the Toshiba at the airport setting up a scanner/printer,
and it didn't want to work, so I fought with it at home on the Dell,
too. Finally got all that done, to scan and email some documents for Randy.

Randy replaced the spark plugs in my vw. They looked like original 1986
equipment! Weren't, but looked like it. Tomorrow he will install new
plug wires, then it will purr again like a kitty.

Speaking of kitties, Bitty the Black War Kitten caught 3 or 4 baby
bunnies this afternoon. All were rescued and relocated.

Been stormy looking all day, couldn't go shoot pics at Boonville. Rain
south of us at Gainesville, too. Then a shower late. Might be clear in
the morning so I can go to work.

G'ma Airplane, frazzled geek

2 July, 2008 ... Flying things (f.t.)

Jerry's Super D (flying thing - f.t.). This is the right side up view. Sometimes it gets upside down. Sometimes I'm in it. And whooo, you think carnival rides are fun... He keeps trying to teach me
stuff. (The longer it takes to learn, the more I get to get upside down). Didn't ride today. Darn, I knew there was something about cooking supper that I didn't like. Boy, it was pretty going over the house just at dark. Cleared to depart...

The butterfly weed finally bloomed in the middle of the parking lot. Had a hard time getting flying things (f.t.) to hold steady for a portrait. It was a little windy, and they were flitting around a lot. Look closely, there's a tiny green bee. Cleared to land...

Fonda's leaded glass dragonfly (f.t.) is about to get overtaken by the elephant ears and the trumpet vine. I did see a hummingbird last week. Hosta's blooming, too, the tall spikey one in front of the planter. Don't land, obstructions...

News-Journal was full of stuff today. Jamie's queen photo on the front page! Grant's 20th class reunion scheduled for 18 & 19 July. And Ben's advertisement, re-election for County Coroner. Readback ok...

Lookie! I have long legs again today! And I even have a foot! (You have to go back a few weeks on the postings to understand this one.) Cleared to taxi as fast as you can walk ...

Was going to fly to Boonville to shoot some more corn fields this morning. Not. Rain. In MO. Rain. In Iowa. Whodathunkit. And look at the pinwheel cloud pattern. That's an odd one. Instrument flight rules, no go...

G'ma Airplane, still editing KS quarry pictures

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

1 July, 2008 ... Is that all there is ...

Yes, that's all there is.

Today, no flying, just editing and emailing. I tried to get the cats
to hunt the runway lights, but they all played spaz in the tall grass
and left me down there hunting alone. Lizzie was the only critter I found.

G'ma Airplane. Not even a sunset.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

30 June, 2008 Me and my shadow

Lots of aerial photos this morning. Wheat combining makes an odd pattern.

TREE! TREE! Look out! Oh, my! Watch out for an obstruction if you have to make an emergency landing in this area!

Refueled in Boonville, me and my shadow.

This plane would be hard to fly.

Rotating beacon, liked the reflection in the blue lens. This beacon is just sitting on the ground, don't know of its future or past usefulness.

Hopped over to Columbia to deliver dvd of images for client to pick up. Rubbed elbows with the big dogs. Man, there sits a dollar or two. 100 low lead fuel is $5.75 a gallon. I didn't buy any.

Flew right over Grack's abode in Jeff City, the one with the round blue swimming pool, on the corner. Helloooo, anybody home?

When I arrived at Mtn. Grove, I saw Randy taxiing out to go spray, followed him a few miles for this late afternoon shot.

Jan sent me photos of her and Jamie's fair winners. Way to go, girls!

G'ma Airplane, a day late.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunset from a couple evenings ago

That lake used to be a corn field!

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Finally-The 25th, June 2008-From Iowa

I'm too lazy to put the words between the photos!, besides it's 11:00
pm and June 30th, so this is as good as it gets today!

So in order:

1. The start of the day (Wednesday) was overcast and cloudy.

2. Just along for the ride. Notice the clothes he started the day in.

3. At school, getting ready for breakfast. Actually not crying b/c
I'm leaving for work.

4. The drive to work. Lots of green, but lots of bare mud too.

5. Part of the photo assignment this month was a photo of what you
were looking out at, then one down, then one up. More of these later.

6. Arriving on campus. This grand entranceway was built last year in
celebration of ISU's 150th year. And Elwood Drive was aptly renamed
University Blvd.

7. Logging on.

8. Looking down.

9. Looking up. Not very exciting.

10. Walking at lunch. Sun came out.

11. Down. Pretty, well the flowers anyway.

12. Up.

13. No significance of this sign, just happened to be where I spotted
something "shiny". (OMG-I've become my mother (Grant will get this))
(Also more on this later).

14. End of day. Picked up LAD from school. Notice he now has
different clothes on. Morning clothes are in a bag with
unmentionables on them. Can you say blowout!

15. Tried to record that gas was $3.85, I think. Weird how the
electronic part of the sign disappeared.

16. Long hairs.

17. Preparing for short hairs. Megan used to be at LAD's school, now
she cuts hair full time.

18. I went first.

19. Temporary mohawk.

20. Short hairs. (OMG-I've become my mother!)

21. Snack.

22. Seat belt, preparing for supper.

23. Why do I bother to give him utensils. He obviously has no use for them.

24. See 23. This was probably yogurt.

25. That'll teach ya, Daddy. What happens when you teach your son how
to do the water squirter fish. A reflection in the mirror photo.

26. Preparing the fish.

27. Fire!

28. All clean. Moved on to tractors and books. Preparing for bed.

29. 8:31:28 PM storms on TV.

30. 8:32:09 PM storms out the living room window.

The End.