Saturday, June 28, 2008

28 June, 2008 Rosie the Flyer

Rosie, lives here at the motel (what more could you ask for?) in Pittsburg, seeking single male cockatiel to exchange email correspondence. Rosie is the perfect companion: obeys vocal commands, does not talk or sing: the perfect female? Charlie, are you paying attention?

There was a little squabble here this morning. She went to a shelter, he left in the police car. End of story. (No, not Rosie.)

OK, Grack. Here's another one for your auto fleet. Whatta ya think? Would you rather have the police car?

Short on photos today. I was hoping Jan would send me a pic of her Grand Prize Winner in the photo contest at the Fair. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow after raining all day today. Hoping to fly, & finish this project!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jamie is 2008 Tri-Couny Fair Queen

Hooray!!! Jamie is the 2008 Tri-County Fair Queen!

Tomorrow Jamie will be handing out the winners' ribbons at the fair in Mtn. Grove, Missouri.

Congratulations, I'm so proud of you, Jamie!

Thanks, Mama Jan, for the photos.

27 June 2008 Textures

I'm still in Sasnak... Oh, that's Kansas. Wind and rain this morning. Delivered 25 cds to my customer here in Pittsburg.

American Legion post and memorial.

This is coal country. The coal trains just go on forever.

I watched an elderly lady shuffling around at an intersection with a stalled coal train, obviously needing to cross the tracks to her house. So I gave Beulah a ride over the overpass about 4 blocks down the street, then around a city park, to her house just on the other side of the tracks, which made the trip nearly a mile. She had been waiting about a half hour, and it was hot, so
she was happy to get home.

I found this old locomotive in that city park.


I saw these textures in some old buildings, a cobblestone street, and brick sidewalk.

What do you think of this texture?

Grant, here are a few candidates for your auto fleet. (At least one of them appears to be functional). Shall I bid?

G'ma Airplane, you're welcome

26 June, 2008 Classics?

So, shall I trade up to this one?

Or, this one?

Or a black Skymaster? Who would want black.....

......... Look, it's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's a Comet!

Gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it on down the lane... (not) ...... ....... Lots of clouds today (where I wanted to be), so no flying for me. Tonight rain. Tomorrow, who knows? Burned 25 cds today of yesterday's photos. Customer doesn't want dvds. How classic is that... ......

G'ma Airplane, still in Oz

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 June, 2008 8 hours in the plane

Ended up in Pittsburg, KS. Started in Mtn. Grove. Flew to Tulsa area, OK City area, fueled up at Seminole, near OKC. That's where this Dr. Pepper plane was whirring away under the air vent.

And this. Can you read it?

Independence, KS. See all the nice airplanes. Land of OZ.

I don't know what happened to June 24 posting. I sent it last night, and it didn't show up.
So, I'll put Carl's picture in today's. He got his private pilot's license yesterday! Even got a ride in a King Air, just a bit faster than his 150.

More aerials tomorrow, back to north MO. Maybe I won't have to dodge the clouds that plagued me today.

G'ma Airplane, in Oz

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For those of us not on the Daily Plan

Take pictures tomorrow, Wednesday, June 25th!!!

23 June, 2008 John's Young Eagles

John flew Young Eagles on Saturday, June 21. He completed this family's flights which he started on June 7. No pictures are available for the 21st, so these are the photos from June 7. Handsome guys, don't you think?

Monday, June 23, 2008

23 June, 2008 Flying things (f.t.)

OK, John, maybe not airplanes, but flying things (f.t.) anyway. The flock of birds (f.t.) was between me and the heli (f.t.); pilots said they didn't see the birds.

The dragonfly (f.t.) fell prey to War Kitten (f.t. when attacking a dragonfly).

Daylillies are blooming wild along the roads nowadays.

Here's a perfect black-eyed Susan, and a not-so-lucky one. Can you see the resemblance to helicopter (f.t.) blades?

The elephant ears are growing, and by summer's end will be huge, leaves up to two feet long. This little fellow I call li'l elephant. Spiderwort, it grows everywhere it's not supposed to grow, but it sure is an intricate little fellow.

Was shooting the sunset (looked just like last night's), and Sundown
Sonny (f.t.) appeared, buzzed the runway, and sailed off into the
dusk. What a nice evening this is!

G'ma Airplane, f.t. next time the sun shines

22 June, 2008 Jan's photos

Jan shot the pictures today of Jody on his combine. Turns out, the seed's still got too much moisture, so they didn't combine after all. She spotted this little house. Looks like a fixer-upper.

Look, another sunset! Well, it really looks the same today as yesterday, but I'm not using the same photo over and over, really. There was a growing thunderhead near this cloud bank, but it wasn't as pretty. However, it's still lighting up the sky in the distance tonight. Somebody south of us is getting the storm.

Jan & G'ma Airplane