Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 Jan., 2010 -- fsanders got the whats-it

Fsanders probably has one of these in her yard, too. Or else she consulted
with Jan & Jamie who had to be led to it! It's not turned in the correct
direction to tell the time of day, but then, the sun's not shining today anyhow,
it's raining cats & dogs, and maybe frogs.
She said "Nope, I had no help. Just thought it looked like a frosty eyeball of a frog!"

Blackbrt emailed me, afraid to come around the house... but he didn't even
venture a guess. I'll bet Ms Blackbrt has one like this somewhere outside.
Maybe he's afraid to snoop around outside her house, too!

Friday, January 22, 2010

22 Jan., 2010 -- Whats-it?

You'll never get this one. (unless you come snooping around outside our house).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 January, 2010 -- BIG mistake

Long story. Stay with me here. Bowling on women's league this morning.
Theresa's hubby Mike was in town to run errands. Partner Gail and I teased him when I put
a little red gift bow on his ball cap, and Theresa handed him a cutesy little purse containing
the safe deposit key to carry to the bank. Oh, Mike, you're soooo cute! Tease, tease.
Then, I spied him jerking his hand out of my seat after I was up to bowl. Ok, Mike, where is it?
The bow was missing off the table, and off his ball cap. Uh oh. I swept my hand around under my fanny and back, but didn't find the bow. Ok, Mike ran off to town to do his errands.
Here's where the big mistake came in. I left my camera sitting on the table. BIG mistake.
After bowling two more frames, the ladies couldn't contain themselves any more, and three tables of conspiratorial blue-haired ladies roared at my expense. "Check the pictures on your camera, Henny!" Our bowling games fell apart for a few minutes.
I guess I deserved it for teasing him. And he looked so innocent when he came back from errands. Nevertheless; he will pay .

This evening, I drove to West Plains to a Mo Pilots meeting, and stopped to geocache at a couple of places. At the "International Cash Cache", I left this colorful Brazilian bank note and a coin minted in 1953, from my old limited coin collection from the 1970's.

Later after dark I found a container downtown West Plains, with a loose lid and lots of moisture. I rescued the American Flag, will wash and clean it up, put it in another cache sometime.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 Jan., 2010 -- See? January can be nice.

See those clouds in the distance? Well, That's where I wanted to be to shoot pictures.
Fog, low clouds, everywhere in Kansas and Oklahoma, even Springfield. We had sunshine all day!

See those fuzzy trees? See that airplane? Well, luckily, those
starlings were behind it. There must be a gazillion of those messy birds.

See what HE did this morning? There has been so much thawing,
now everything's turning to mud. It would be better if it stayed cold for awhile.

See what I did today?

See? It really was a beautiful day!