Friday, August 9, 2013

26 July, 2013 -- They made it!

Grant and Roger, The Lost Buoys came paddling in under the I70 bridge in St. Charles. They finished 115th out of 180 who finished overall (274 starters), and 26th of 41 finishers in the Men's Tandem (66 starters). Pretty good for a couple of old coots on their first Missouri River 340 mile canoe race.
Coming in under the I70 Bridge at St. Charles, north of St. Louis, after 76 hrs. and 3 minutes on the MO River.

The look in Grant's eyes... FINISH LINE!

Sea legs. 76 hours and 3 minutes.

Grant and Roger, The Lost Buoys. 26th in Men's Tandem out of 41 finishers, 115th of 180 finishers overall.