Friday, August 22, 2008

22 Aug., 2008 -- Only one picture?

Yes, only one. Well, two, but i didn't want to use another spider picture.

Transferred jet fuel this morning, after finally getting the Blazer to run and the pump to pump. Oh, by the way, the garden spider living on the blazer side mirror made the trip home and back to the airport in good shape. Of course, I wasn't driving very fast.

Foggy, rainy, droopy day today. Larry & Juanita drove up from Arkansas, we went to the Junction Store for catfish buffet and some really real local live bluegrass/country music.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

21 Aug, 2008 -- Where do I begin...

This morning, drizzle & fog.

WELL!, if SHE can go out, I can go out.

WELL!, if THEY can go out, I can go out.

What a pride of sissy cats. They barge out the door when it opens in the morning, then they barge back in and mill around your feet. "FEEEED me Pringles".

Hope I don't walk through this spider web, it's right at the shop door. Don't know where the spider is, or what she looks like. It's different every day, so she's there somewhere...

Watch Smudge, there under that pretty red helicopter.

Smudge goes out to the ramp lights to hunt. Can't stop him, but I know
what's going to happen next.

Smudge almost gets tumbled!

Time to refill the jet tanks. WHOA, Nellie! This pretty girl was
bouncing the web. I thought the wind was doing it, but she eventually
calmed down and let me get a portrait.

So, around the other side of the Blazer and WHOA, Nellie! I don't really
know what to say about this one. Maybe the rotor blast drove him in
there. That's the hinge area of the driver's side door. Was alive, but didn't survive the extrication.

helphelpIneed help. Well it could have been the other end of me. She'll never believe it, where I've been all this time. Durn, missed supper. She was purty, but was she worth it. Oh, pleeeze, don't open this door. Uh, sir, uh, no, I ain't been drinkin, sir. I did WHAT last night? Ok, if I stay here long enough my head will shrink. Went in, gotta come out. Yup, I'm hung, yep, uh huh, I'm hung. yep. yup. uh huh.

I welcome your comments. I will add them to the narrative.

Hurricanes & tornadoes & helicopters. Forces of nature.

Well, Blazer battery dead, so go get the Suburban, jump it, let it run
awhile. Then, aaach, here comes another rain shower. Will do this tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Aug., 2008 -- Crash, Bang, Bump, Thump

Rained all day, I didn't even put up the hangar door. So, War Kittens thought they were confined to the hangar. They darted out a few times, spit off the raindrops, and waged war in the hangar.

Bitty jumped down from the chair, Briggs leaped, timed it perfectly, landed squarely on Bitty's head. What a circus!

Runway Incursion! Drizzle & fog, Holy Cow, can't you see where you're going??? Who, me? I have no head, whatza matta you?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

19 Aug., 2008 -- In training, maybe raining

Don made a mistake today. He sat in Lloyd's chair, he let Smudge move in, he answered the phone, and he let Briggs hassle Smudge. That make him Airport Manager in Training.

All four cats went hunting today, had to split one mouse among them. Smudge won. Briggs chased Bitty, and overheated. Squeaky sneaky went on home. Sounds like a kid's ditty.

Fonda reported that LAD has a backyard playground, that only takes 10 hours to assemble. We'll await a report on that! I Wordled her text. Could spend 10 hours on variations.

Supposed to rain tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. It's pushing 90 again, maybe the rain will keep it cool as it's been all week. This ain't really August, folks.

Something always comes up at the end of the day.



backup backup backup, lest you lose your stuff. I have 9 hard drives (2 that you can't see, on the desk) to backup all this nonsense. Each one has a transformer plugged into the electricity, and a cable that will plug into most modern computers. (I have 3 computers that aren't that modern). Remember when you only had one computer? Of course, they're not "on" all the time. I try to keep each cable labeled. I try.

I remember when I got my first cd drive. "Now, what do I do?" And I only had one cd. Now I have a thousand cds, and "Now, what do I do?"

Egad, file the negatives in a shoebox, put the pictures in a photo album, and ... Now it's "scan all the film in that shoebox". Ok, 50 years of film, how long will that take... As long as it takes.

Hey, this is history, these are our kids. Someday, somebody will ask, "who from our family was from Russia?"

Oh, another story!

18 Aug., 2008 -- Doodle Day

Doodled with some markers found while cleaning/browsing in the stuff on my darkroom countertop. Intended to explore a computer sitting there,
but didn't get that done.

John flew the 180 this morning. It was a beautiful day!

John has a sea shell embedded in his hangar ramp. It even has grains of sand in it. Do you suppose you could hear the ocean if you got down and put your ear close to it?

Jamie and Jared claim that I have

AD-OS. Attention Deficit -- Oooh, SHINY! Well, maybe...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

17 Aug., 2008 -- Red Baron

Electric motor, very quiet. Bill's first test flight, and he didn't have
to carry it home in a trash bag! Good flyin', Bill.

That's about it for Sunday at the airport.