Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 july, 2010 -- not friends yet

This Android spaceship phone and I are not good friends yet.
I took these at 5 this afternoon, sent them, and nothing happened,
except that the Air Tractor took off for Marshall and beat the electronic
internet cyberspace hyperspace wireless wifi satellite 3g 2g mp4
youname-it techie mms sps tsp abc alphabet web wuu wuu wuu
http battery (draining) operated world of the teens there.
I found, on the phone, miles of unsent emails with images. I still have 3 emails from this morning that it will not send.
That's why there is "another weird prop photo" that hasn't arrived.
Friends? not yet. Droid, let's get going...

note: I still wonder at the effects the droid phone camera has on the propellers.

10 July, 2010 -- to Marshall and beyond

Say hi to my guys at MHL!
He's from MS, going to work in MHL, then on to IA.

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10 July, 2010 -- pacer prop

Another odd prop photo.

This could become a project...

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10 July, 2010 -- fly day

Finally a nice day to fly after Hurricane Alex brought all that moisture up from the gulf. John flew the Zipper.

Android getting more friendly.

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Friday, July 9, 2010


Bill and Eli made a late afternoon flight to fuel up.

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9 July, 2010 -- learning curve

New phone, android. Took many pictures of the floor. Maybe by tomorrow it will be a friend.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7 July, 2010 -- Rain dance

All day I did a rain dance... trudged all over the airport spreading
stuff to kill oak sprouts, poison ivy, multiflora rose, blackberries,
sprouts of all kinds... lugging two-gallon sprayer, weighed at least
a hundred pounds (well, seemed like it); so what does it do??? It rains!!!
In the last 24 days, we've gotten a half inch. Almost a half inch today.
I'd go spray again tomorrow if it would cause another half inch.
American Goldfinch. I like
the monochrome background with his bright colors.
He wasn't afraid of me,
just sat there posing, looking royal and regal.

Monday, July 5, 2010

5 July, 2010 -- End of the day

What? No pictures???
Late this afternoon, a Piper Pacer came in, fueled up, and decided to camp out for the night. So I took the pilot to town for supper, then he settled into the pilot lounge to do some flight planning.

I went home, sat out in the grass in the lawn chair, was talking on the phone, and WHOA a skunk rambled right by me on its way to the east. Guess it didn't see me, but the kitty on the deck saw it and before I could grab the kitty he was off chasing the skunk. Thankfully kitty backed off and returned to the deck before getting into trouble. The kitty's name is "Stinker", maybe I should change that? Anyhow, skunk slunk off, disaster averted.

So, sitting on the deck with Stinker (kitty), and here come an Air Evac helicopter. So, dump kitty, drive to the airport, open the gate (expecting an ambulance to transfer a patient). Well, they were only trading a timed-out pilot with a replacement who was driving over, who got lost on his way and had to be talked in (sort of like an ifr pilot getting vectors to the runway). There were storms near West Plains that delayed the flight causing the pilot to be over-time, and Air Evac is very strict about that. Storms dissipated, we barely got a couple of sprinkles.

No pictures. Maybe I'll get the Pacer in the morning. He's from way down south (California), headed way up north (Michigan). Good boy, going to see his mama.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4 July, 2010 -- Float trip

This one won't float, sink like a rock. These folks headed south to Sunburst for a river trip.
Happy 4th, y'all!
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