Thursday, July 25, 2013

25 July, 2013 -- The Lost Buoys

Roger and Grant started out on July 23, 2013 on the Missouri River 340 mile race from Kaw Point in Kansas City to St. Charles in St. Louis, two guys in a canoe. They will finish the race tomorrow, mid-day.

It's a grueling test of will power and stamina, to finish in the 88 hours allowed. The Missouri Conservationist Magazine July edition features a story of last year's race. At, their progress is posted. They are in the Men's Tandem category, boat 0440. The Lost Buoys.

Day two 24 July, just after passing by the Columbia checkpoint.
Day 3, at Jeff City checkpoint, on way to Hermann. Credit Monica for pics.
This was race morning, 23 July, credit the Kansas City Star.