Saturday, October 16, 2010

16 Oct., 2010 -- Poker Run

So, all day we fly around to 8 different airports, draw cards, end up at the mid-afternoon pot luck, get prizes and endure a short meeting, then lie about the whole thing to each other!

Monday, October 11, 2010

9 Oct., 2010 -- Fly-in and Open House

Tried to get this posted on Sunday... 10 10 10 -- I'm four minutes late getting started!
Saturday, at Willow Springs, our Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1218 held its fifth annual Open House and Fly-in. An honor guard made a 21 gun salute and the red white and blue balloon release started the day off. Thirty or more airplanes and two helicopters flew in during the day to help honor our American veterans.

Clint made a dead stick landing after his aerobatic show. He does that on purpose.
Later in the day, he took me up for some aerials of the airplanes on the ground. No upside-downies or engine outs, just straight and level.

Booths were set up with tvs and videos showing Chapter projects; Wright Flyer replica, Young Eagles and building the Pietenpol airplane (the green and white airplane sitting in front of the hangar). I got a hat "Chicks Fly" for being the only active female pilot at the fly-in.

Then, when it was all over, Ron and Mike strapped me in for my first Stearman ride. Mike took me around the patch and over the Ozarks for some open cockpit aerials. I think I want to be a wing walker! Well, maybe not. But it is a wonderful ride, just like all the novels and movies!