Saturday, September 6, 2008

6 Sept., 2008 -- Sunrise (well, almost), Sunset

Ice storm! ... naaa... There was so much moisture on the grass, with the rising sun low, it looked like we'd been hit by an ice storm! It was cool, in the 50s, but not THAT cool. Refreshing, though, and this is only September.

Sundown, and there was that old familiar red/orange sky behind leftover rain clouds.

Hey!! Here comes Sundown Sonny, making his pass down the runway, saying hello. Haven't seen him in a while, I guess he's been watching his grapes grow.

5 Sept., 2008 -- Sunshine!

Well, moonwriting, then. Time exposures, trace out the letters and it's a guessing game as to the final outcome because it's like writing with eyes closed. Then layer them together with the moon shot.

I shored up the dahlias and zinnias to give the marigolds some sunshine. The skipper butterfiles were active today, even though it only got into the upper 70s. Clear blue sky for a change.

The grass and weeds have been shoosting for the sky since all that rain.

Friday, September 5, 2008

4 Sept., 2008 -- Happy Birthday, Caro

Hurricane Gustav has moved off, but it continues to drizzle. Airport reports five inches of rain, this is a cinder block in the revetment at home. May take another day to siphon it all out.

Remember in March, when these flower seeds got planted? Well, here are the plants gone rampant. The dahlias laid over on the mini rose bush, and the zinnias have overtaken the marigolds. Poor little big-eyed skipper butterfly was too cool to fly away from me. The wind was blowing the elephant ears backwards (no, they weren't planted from seed).

Started back bowling this week. Teammate Mickey picked up the 6-7-10 split, which isn't easy! We five ladies have a lot of fun on a morning league, and sometimes we even win. The instant replay is a neat feature of the computerized scoring, but we miss the old paper score sheet.

Speaking of old (ooops, I didn't mean to say that), Happy Birthday, Carolyn! 39, isn't it, sis? Again?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 Sept., 2008 -- Something different today

Been working on a video for some folks who raise Arabians. Isn't Sharah a beauty?

Rain, rain a dumper at times today. Got out the video camera, then snapped a picture off the screen of the video player. Sort of a tintype look to it.

This is a direct image capture from the dv tape. This is mid-day, with heavy rain, and it's a soft image.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Sept., 2008 -- Gustav brings us clouds & rain

Gustav has been pushing the gray clouds and rain towards southern Missouri, so three of those planes on the ramp headed north. The sky has been getting thicker and thicker. Rained a little, we expect about 7 inches out of the deal.

You're heading WHERE??? Louisiana??? Are you SURE??? Well, settle for somewhere in Arkansas. Ain't that greasy beast beautiful?

On the other hand, or on the other end, so to speak, this little beast got Jerry & Eddie's attention on landing at Willow in the Maule. Whop whop shimmy shimmy shimmy.

A little music after supper downtown on Tuesday night. Ah, just right!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Scrap Your Day on the 25th

Finally getting around to getting these posted. It's quite obvious I didn't actually take ALL these pictures, it was a joint effort. Ma was here and of course we totally forgot what day it was until it was half over. No worries, we had already been snapping photos of the playground assembly earlier in the day. Some of those photos seen here were also from the 25th. And the last one was added from our friend Dee who sees this sign each day on her way to the post office. This is what she said about this photo:
I just love signs.
This one is posted on a local bank.
I see every morning on my way to the post office. I can't help but giggle every time I walk by it!
So I wonder what the regular walk-up hours are????
I probably looked just a goofy taking a picture - hopefully the bank doesn't get robbed!!! They will probably come after me!
PS: Henny and Fonda, I took this on the 25th just for you!!!!

They were looking for grasshoppers...

Lose something honey? Yes, he leaned over to get a map and all the crap in his shirt pockets fell into the floor of the airplane!

The oldest and youngest Lloyds took a short trip to the trash pile.

A friendly slug we found while moving boxes around outside that had been there overnight. In honor of this. We actually found two, a micro and a mini. This one is the micro sized one.

Just to make it 25 for the day, I wordled Dee's text and sign, and added a Painted Lady and a Skipper. (G'ma Airplane).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

31 Aug., 2008 -- Looks like an airport, ...

Hey, look at all the airplanes! Holiday weekend.

And this classic 1956 C172 was at Gainesville Airport for that 100 dollar hamburger at the local cafe across the street from H27 and Sue's house.

Sue also spotted this long-legged spider at H27.

Seems like everywhere I go, I ppffhhtt ppffhhtt fight off a string of cobweb! Some little bug is wandering around the edge of these zinnia petals, going ppffhhtt ppffhhtt dern walked through another one of them again!

No sunset tonight, just a big red sun in the saturated atmosphere that's thickening up ahead of Hurricage Gustav, and lots of colorful blooms in the soft warm light. Unbelievable, it's the end of August already.

Unbelievable, there's that motorhome in the driveway! Hey, I've been retired, fired, replaced as airport manager. Finally... it's only been two months since Lloyd and Randy headed out for mid-MO and Iowa.

Randy caught a flight from Minneapolis into Anchorage today, then a shuttle on to Yakutat, where he will spend September ferrying fishermen and gear and fish and cargo in to and out of little wilderness airstrips. He's been spraying crops in MO and IA since April. Do we ever get tired of flying? noooooooo! (Except for those who have settled for a motorcycle - Hey, Don, this is an AIRport! Well, he's saving lots of $$$ on gas).