Saturday, August 8, 2009

8 Aug., 2009 -- Long ways to go, little way to go

Headed for Florida after two weeks of camping out,
these fellows were going home after Oshkosh and Sturgis.
Then, Scott and Larry flew back to Willow Springs...

They came over to replace the spark plugs in Mickey's Warrior.

Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Aug., 2009 -- Bike, kite, paint, busy

In the shade, in the hangar, lots of room to play at the airport this morning

Daddy's airplane, Daddy's truck. Decorating the construction materials. The J is backwards...
hey, I was printing it upside down, gimme a break!

Grandpa Allen showed up to help fly the kite. LAD lost his grip on the
string a couple of times... guess where the kite landed?

Mommy made it home from Raleigh, and Grandpa Allen
showed up for another visit this evening!

This kite was Mommy's birthday present last week.
We just got enough wind today to fly it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

6 Aug., 2009 -- Trying to fly a helicopter

Well, it was a little winged thing that spins and sails out of your hand.
LAD was very intent on getting it to fly, and he did it a few times before it broke.

These are LAD's Bible School projects, and we haven't had time yet for him to describe them to me! Maybe Friday...
Jamie and Jared had to clean house today, so LAD came back to the airport and helped me run things. Mostly it was a few gallons of aviation fuel for a race car, some herbicide for weeds, (G'ma's chores) and Madagascar dvd (LAD's afternoon entertainment). No airplanes today.

Oh, yes... Ben flew the Luscombe at sundown... made a 3 point landing, left wheel landing, right wheel landing, both mains landing; practicing. He came by the house later, on his motorcycle, and discussed things with LAD (LAD was in the bathtub... pretty grubby!)

All the news you needed to know.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Aug., 2009 -- Just in case it rains...

"Just in case it rains..." Couldn't find his white sun hat, so we
went to WM for a replacement... and... "just in case it rains..."
And... LAD did remember that we parked in row 4, and that the
vehicle was purple, and no, it wasn't THAT purple one, it is THAT
purple one! He led me right back to the Suburban!

Later... "Look, G'ma, here's your prize! At the bottom of the bungee,
in the bucket!"

And the prize is still hanging there tonight, after LAD left the airport with the 4Js to go to Bible School, and stay all night. What an adventurous week!

Piper Warrior visiting local folks... all the way from Michigan!
See all those little kids? Suddenly, LAD became the boss, telling the kids to "stay away from the airplane... don't touch the tow bars, those are for pilots... don't go out there, you can't go out on the ramp... stay in the hangar, it's safe there". More or less. LAD's day of boredom and restrictions became a few minutes of "boss"! He will be an airport manager, following in the footsteps of his ancestors...

Fonda, you should have taken the D90 with you... it sat there, tempting me, and
when the sun set and the moon came up,,, well,,, "D90 D90 D90.... calling....."

Not UFOs, just the Air Evac heli heading for SGF.

Those hundred geese decided to make their rounds... and the great white heron sorta scooted out of the way. A little like a C150 when the 747s take the air... I'm outa-here!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4 August, 2009 -- Airplanes & kites

Ben was so happy to get his airman medical renewed yesterday,
so he exercised the Sport this evening.

Kite flying on Sunday.

Air Tractor from Louisiana on his way to work east of Ames, Iowa area.

4 Aug., 2009 __ OK, Grack, challenge time

98 miles as the crow flies...

Let's see some action from the Jefferson City crowd! !!!

Challenge... how come I get more response from 338 miles than from 98 miles
as the crow flies...

Kelly, Ralph, Samantha, Cameron... or Devon & Grack...
Send me something...

Monday, August 3, 2009

3 Aug., 2009 -- Busy Day at the Airport

We hooked a tow chain with a bungee cord to the skateboard,
and set out to look for building materials. Perhaps we can help
build the new doors on the hangar, or add something to the new roof...

Aha, found some more!


Well, THAT'S impressive. We built it two or three times, and it looked different each time.
That tall one with the slanted roof on the right side of the picture is "Mama's and Daddy's house. I live there, too".

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 Aug., 2009 -- Nerf War!

After the war, LAD went fishin' with G'pa Allen and Mama.

LAD caught four fish!

I'm ok, I'm ok...

Morning work, cleaning the deck and siding. Finally found
a good use for the vacuum cleaner brushes.

Geese gathering... about a hundred of them. Fall can't be coming
already, it just turned summer!

Impatiently waiting for G'ma's slow dsl to download something.

Finish the day with apple pie at G'ma Jan's, with Jamie & Jared.