Saturday, December 26, 2009

26 Dec., 2009 -- Some sharing, some trading...

Favorite food! Pepperoni!

I get the big half!

Whatcha got, Grampa? Huh, huh?

There's always gotta be an airplane (or two) in there somewhere!
And ALWAYS John Wayne!

Iowa State Fair booty. Only two hands between us.

I got a yellow one, you got a red one.... want to trade? (We'll discuss the pop-tarts later).

Yeah, a red ANYthing is better than
a yellow Lamborghini, any day.
100 dogs and a cat.
Puzzling, isn't it?

Recycling a racy airplane t-shirt from 1993. Now it's a shopping bag.
Don't ya love the pink and black? Those are the stylish colors from 1959.
I remember the Ford Thunderbirds!
(The thermal socks will fit nicely into my stylish felt-pack winter combat boots!)

Some tom-foolery; SOME Christmas, eh?

Friday, December 25, 2009

25 Dec., 2009 -- Jewels!

Jewels for Christmas! It's a jewel orchid.

Well, maybe not jewels... just a lot of glitter! Yeah, that's us, all right, glitter!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22 Dec., 2009 -- Almost, almost...

You thought I'd say... Almost Christmas... didn't ya?
Well, my Jewel Orchid, homely little thing, is almost blooming!
And Fonda & Randy & LAD are almost here, driving down from Iowa.
And I'm almost finished doing chores, so I can almost get to the post office now.
Almost Happy Birthdays to G'pa Allen and 'NotherOneGrandma Val.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 Dec., 2009 -- Good morning!!! slurp

Razzle's face is the first thing I see in the morning at Grack's house.
Razzle always makes sure I'm awake, somehow.

Dottie's feet? Which feet???

SammieJ borrowed my camera this morning
and caught some interesting pics of the pets!

Started out the day finding Cam's geocache.
(Uphill both ways, barefoot, through 6 feet of snow.)

I picked up Cam's travel bug Slug Bug, and put it into a cache
that I found on my way home, via Fort Leonard Wood. Now,
this one WAS uphill both ways... well, one way, anyway.

I got lost a few times. The gps kept trying to get me to drive down muddy side roads.
"Turns" out, I was on the wrong side of the river, I wasn't really lost, but I was, but not.
And when it says "turn left on Alley", it really means "I don't know the name of this street,
so turn left anyway, and I'll call it Alley if I want to". I kept looking for Alley Street.

On the way home, through Ft. Wood, haven't been this way
since G'pa Allen was in basic training in 1966. It was hot hot hot
that summer.