Friday, June 13, 2008

13 June 2008, Friday the 13th, just weather

Airport duty today, while Lloyd drove to Springfield. Huge shelf cloud approached, then it rained about an inch. I'm sure the Iowans want to see rain pictures.

Even Briggs was ready to head for cover. No airplanes, birds, flowers today. Just rain.

G'ma Airplane, cooped up with the cats

Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 June, 2008 Neighbors

Mowed around the garage today, should have done it weeks ago. Raked it up and tossed it to the neighbors. They nibbled it some, then shrugged, and went on their way, nudging each other and nibbling their own yard.

So I went to the airport, checked in on the babies, and saw the parents standing guard on the power lines. (When I looked at the photo later, I spotted a helicopter! Well, not really, it's a dragonfly.) Front baby allowed me to gently spread out one wing for a picture. There's just a little bit of fuzz left now, mostly feathers. Gonna fly soon.

Lloyd took delivery of a load of liquid fertilizer today, spent another dollar. Nice truck.

Back at home, there's a tiny white flower on my potted pantry potatoes. They were sprouting in the bag, so I tossed them out last month.

Now, what's that white stuff down there at the pond? Off I go through the blackberries & waist-high grass to check it out, found a yucca growing on the pond bank, near the gopher hole.

Nice clear skies today, peak wind gust 30 mph, looks like rain late tonight. Iowa's clear, how about that?

G'ma Airplane, dusty & crusty again

11 June, 2008 Computer Day

Spent the day cleaning up hard drives, doing backup chores, copying vhs to dvd.

Found round bales in the back yard, Roy's at it again. Walked down to the little (and getting littler) pond that was overflowing in February. The water & ice were nearly up to that cedar tree on the bank. Now the water's about down to its usual level. The bamboo was whipping in the mild wind. Carolyn & I planted a few sprouts in 2001 that we dug up in Arkansas at Juanita's.

Checking on the bluebird babies... Whoops! Sorry! Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers! Sort of giving me a defiant attitude about snooping in his home, but it may be just a startle reaction. The birdies will be flying soon. Look at those brilliant blue feathers!

There's moisture in the upper atmosphere, as well as down here. I mowed around the runway this afternoon, took about 2 hours.

G'ma Airplane, dusty & crusty

Update: Iowa's getting hit again tonight. Enough rain, already!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 June, 2008 Flying today

"I'll meet you in Boonville at 9 a.m." "OK, I'll be there."

7:00 a.m., FOG.

Briefer said it would be IFR until 11:00 a.m. Departed Mtn. Grove at 10:45.

Landed at Boonville, picked up the agronomist, took photos along the Missouri River, landed at Higginsville, traded the Cherokee for a larger model.

Well, after pricing their fuel, decided not to trade after all. U-pump price $5.39 per gallon. I don't think so. Flew back to Boonville and got a better deal at $4.46, and there are real people
there to help.

By the way, Dan said "Hi, Randy".

After tucking the Cherokee back in the hangar at 4:00 p.m., I checked my flower garden and found a few sprouts that aren't weeds! Maybe I'll get marigolds and zinnias after all.

Out the back door, I see the fescue has been mowed today. Roy's been busy. Make hay while the sun (and half moon) shines!

After clear skies all day, there appears a large cloud bank in the west, just in time for a colorful sunset.

G'ma Airplane, 5 hours logged

Footnote: I WON !!! Operation Kaerat Ant War (kitchen ant
ERAdication trick), started 25 April, haven't seen an ant for three
days. Supposed to take a couple of weeks, it took seven weeks and a
whole bottle of bait and three glue boards. Now I don't have a hobby any more.

Monday, June 9, 2008

9 June, 2008 ...Oh, no! Rain!

Oh, no! Rain! Quick, run hide!

Look, my ditch is running water! Oh, no... flooding!!!

Sorry, Fonda, just couldn't help it. (here's what Fonda & Randy & LAD have dealt with all week, running into their basement). See her blog, for all her pictures. And they are getting rain again tonight, see radar at midnight.

In Mtn. Grove today, we had waves of clouds, and a sprinkle. And the wind was tolerable,
for a change, and it was cool, 75 degrees. No critter pictures, no airplanes.

Tomorrow is another story. Going to fly tomorrow, got a job near Boonville, shooting corn fields and a vinyard.

G'ma Airplane, gone ta bed

Sunday, June 8, 2008

8 June, 2008 Sun Shines, Make Hay

Roy takes advantage of a beautiful (28 mph) windy day to put up a few bales of hay. Love that Farmall tractor.

Gives new meaning to the phrase "bucking bales". Yeee-haw.

This is part of a critter that's out in the road in front of Ben's
hangar. Don't want to know where the rest of him is.

I "cooked" tonight. So while waiting for the Pizza to get done, I
shot the sunset.

G'ma Airplane, no rain today! Iowa got it all. But we're gonna get it tonight. This is radar at midnight. g'nite.

7 June, 2008 Wind, oh mighty crosswind!

Carl and Newt high-tailed it back to Mansfield after refueling, before the wind got any worse. It was already gusting and clouding up at 7:30 on this sunny Saturday morning. Carl's getting ready to take his private pilot checkride soon. Today's landings and takeoffs are good crosswind practice!

John was the only one brave enough to buck the wind this morning, and his Young Eagles were waiting for him early. The wind got fierce later in the morning and cancelled the rest of the planned flights for kids.

So, we concentrated on selling stuff at the garage sale in the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1218 hangar at Willow Springs.

Roy cut hay today, and then got it spread with the tedder, so he can bale it tomorrow before it rains again. Note the old Farmall tractor!

Bitty the War Kitten. I'm gonna have to get a Capital One credit card just so I can have WAR KITTENS on it.

Bluebird babies are getting feathers!

Jody dug himself a loading ramp for the track-hoe, and drove off with it.

It didn't rain today. Is this really Missouri?

G'ma Airplane, no-fly today