Friday, February 25, 2011

25 Feb., 2011 -- Planes. Pirate Ships. Submarines. Treasures

Look at that February sky... it didn't last long.

Launch that Pirate Ship, LAD!

Now, SINK that Pirate Ship! Aaaaargh, matey!

Cap'n LAD calls those bombs "submarines, 'cause they go unnerwater... aaaaargh, matey!

These photos are entitled "Kid in the House".

Just when I get used to the "dodge-em dance", he has to go home! Waaa.

Treasure hunt! Found a geocache with itty-bitty farm animals; found a big black truck box with lots of nails and screws in it (couldn't get into one side, it was locked... a REAL treasure for another day. I said real pirates would shoot off the lock; he said, pirates don't have guns, they would... uh... ); found Dad's pickup truck that he hadn't seen in about a year, the "Jelly Bean"; found the nerf rockets and had a war with G'ma Airplane (she lost); and the really neatest treasure, a set of WHEELS! Stashed them under the deck for the next adventure! Aaaaargh