Saturday, December 20, 2008

20 Dec., 2008 - Back in the city

Here's my mobile office tonight. I brought my camp tables since there is no desk.

Works well, even though the mouse skips now & then when it comes to the gaps in the slats in the tabletop.
Once again, the weatherman missed the mark with the snowfall prediction. Oh, well, back to the million $ machine in the morning. Maybe I won't freezle-me-noodle during the walk across the parking lot to the other building. Wind chill minus 0.
The view has improved (different room), now I can look across SGF and see the lights of Battlefield Mall in the distance. Glad I'm not there tonight, the last Saturday before Christmas!

19 Dec., 2008 - The view from home

I TOLD you the view was better at home. Don't have to be back
in the city until Sunday.
Hey, it's almost Christmas! Look at this snow... Iowa's got some.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

18 Dec., 2008 -- Sunshine, remember it?

Remember that word, SUNSHINE?

Maybe we'll see it, maybe not.

I didn't take any pics outside in SGF today. But Jody did at home in Mtn. Grove!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17 Dec., 2008 - The big honkin' snow that did (almost)

All I want for Chriffmuff iff my thoo pffrun tfeeef, my thoo pffrun tfeeef, my thoo pffrun tfeeef.

I got to use my rusty Spanish this morning. I was in the breakfast room at the Day's Inn and after greeting the lady attendant, I asked her if she had to drive very far to get to work in the bad weather. She looked puzzled a minute, then said "9:30".
o. k.
So I dredged up some thoughts, motioned her to come over again, and asked "Que es su nombre?" (wrong grammar for what is your name). She puzzled awhile, then replied "Cota". We shook hands and I told her my name.
Then I asked "Donde es su casa?" She looked at me funny, and said "En Sprenfild?" I nodded, and she rattled off the name of a street. When I left the room and started down the hall, she came out and called after me and waved big time, "Bye bye", and we exchanged Feliz Navidad.
Do you suppose I'm the only person who talked to her all day?

The million dollar machine and part of the crew. That whole thing rotates and beeps and hums. How many cups of coffee could this thing dispense? Or is it a time machine... thwuurp, suck you right up in there. That round part at the top contains a couple of rows of little teeth. Maybe give you a close shave? (They are behind glass, so I can't stick my fingers in there; they knew I was coming).

Almost forgot: when I went to my car this afternoon, in this huge hospital parking lot, I was greeted by big honkin' honk honk honk... And a guy got out of his big honkin' Dodge pickup about twice the size of my VW, right in front of me. What....
I had seen a lady wandering down the rows of cars, and it clicked, so I went back a few steps and hollered at the lady, she turned around, and sure enough, they were a match. She didn't hear his honking, and he was about to get frustrated. By golly, he was wearin' overalls, too! And a Carhart jacket. So we decided he'd get a lasso, he'd do the headin', I'd heel'er, and we'd get her back to the truck, by golly! She laughed at us. Dunno why. I'm wearing a Carhart jacket, too.

St. John's, my new home for a couple of days. This is a big hospitality room, no carpet, two beds & indoor plumbing. I had heard grumblings from a previous tenant last month, and had visions of a cot and a bucket for bathing. Not so. And all the people at St. John's are top-notch.

Fonda, you were born here. Do you remember? When we took you home, we laid you across the front seat in between us. Car seat???? Whassat?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 Dec., 2008 -- The snow that didn't

The view down Campbell (Bass Pro on the right) this morning. SGF dodged the snow last night, but it was foggy and misty and colllllld all day.

Tomorrow I'll get a real picture. I asked, "OK, is that all there is to it?" Tim the tech said, "Yep, 10 quality minutes with the million dollar machine".

Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Dec., 2008 -- Doors - another photo theme?

After I pried open the VW doors this morning, I found a bottle of hard water. SGF had about an inch of icesleetsnow last night.

This is for LAD. Inside the doors of the cafeteria hangs this "rug" sort of thing. I have a discount card for "hospital food" this week.

Maybe I won't have to pry the VW doors open in the morning, expecting 2 inches of snow.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

14 Dec., 2008 - Another beginning

Rain, and sleet ice snow by morning. Continuing all week.
So, to start this new chapter, I've relocated temporarily to Springfield.
Two nights in a motel, then into a hospitality room at St. John's, probably through Friday.

I really like the view better at home! (However, this IS right across the street from Bass Pro. And there's Starbuck's. And the Arches. Hmmm.)

13 Dec., 2008 -- Christmas, a little early

Jared and Lad visited with Santa at the YMCA pancake breakfast this morning.

Then, Oma Bruni, Aunt Sus and Mommy, LAD and G'ma Airplane trekked all over Silver Dollar City this afternoon. They really go all out with the light show after dark.

Christmas a little early tonight. LAD was the delivery elf.