Saturday, January 31, 2009

31 Jan., 2009 -- Aaaach, Schtukkk

Fifty four degrees today, the snow melted on top of the layer of ice... I slowed down at the end of the driveway to see if anybody was coming down the road, and ... aaaach, schtukkk. What? Call for help... and open myself up to ridicule? Not on your life. Just bought the shovel yesterday! Should have bought snow tires, too.

Sun on the roof, drip drip...

Thwwummmp. Aaaach, buried!

Web camera and Skype, free calls to LAD! (& Randy & Fonda, too, of course).
Can we make it three-way and get Grant's bunch online at the same time?

Lad made some Pla-Do Meatballs, put them in the wagon. Where else would you keep your pink and purple and green meatballs.

Friday, January 30, 2009

30 Jan., 2009 -- More of the crew

The Ladies of the Basement. There really are a nice bunch!
Oh, and they aren't all ladies. Some of them are guys. They are nice, too.

Amanda hides when I show up.

Kay hides in her office.
There are no WINDOWS down here! Except these, that the techs use to spy on their victims.

Drove around Mtn. Grove this afternoon, looking for snow pictures.
All the snow piles around town are gray and dingy.
This is at the golf course, so white and clean, nobody tracking it up!
They could play with neon golf balls, couldn't they?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

29 Jan., 2009 -- Come with meeee, said the ...

Aha!!! You can't hide!!! Come with meeeee! This is Tam the Retriever. She haunts the waiting room for victims!

And let's WEIGH you... Oh, no, Donna, NO NO NO. yes.
BP, temp, and it goes on and on.

This is the customized million dollar radiation machine, shaped just for me. Funny, I'm not really that shape, I don't think. This is the final process, they call it scar boost. Two sessions to go!

28 Jan., 2009 -- Happy Birthday, Samantha

Samantha turned 13 on Jan. 28. She's a teener!

Two little kids made snow angels beneath a tree on the lawn today. The snow was so cold and dry and crunchy!

The snow angels, and this after dark shot are off the Blackberry.

This is one of Springfield's surveillance cameras, a screen shot off the laptop this morning. I wasn't going to drive anywhere, as the side streets were a mess, as was the loop road and parking lot at St. John's.

The sun finally broke through this afternoon, and the loop road got scraped. It was a mess, all right. And SLICK under all that slush.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

27 Jan., 2009 -- Black & White & Red All Over

Black and white and red all over.
Snow on top of the sleet from last night. Snowed all day. Only an inch or so. So far.

Then just black and white.

Was it the 25th?

I totally forgot it was the 25th until later in the evening. No problem, seems there's never a shortage of photos! This was my desk in the morning, left over from the night before.

I bought tickets way back months ago for a play at Stephens Auditorium for Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. It was presented by the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. It lasted about an hour and it's a good thing, LAD was getting a little antsy. Also nervous about them turning off the lights and then keeping them dim.

Not sure what was going on in this photo, it has some odd little green dots, which is kind of interesting. I think I had it set to overexpose, from being outside earlier in the day. LAD was basically naked, just his underwear and snow boots on. Not sure where he thought he was going to go dressed like that!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 Jan., 2009 -- UDO sightings

What... ok... Unidentified Driving Objects.
Stretching the imagination, but then we're socked in with the winter ice storm.

So, I'll go outside the east wing, get some creative pictures, and...
Ooops, locked myself out!
I was rescued by two aides with a wheelchair; I volunteered to stand by and open the door for them when they returned with a patient who showed up in one of those UDOs. Saved me from walking a block in the freezing rain around the hospital to the front door.

I'll bet they will have a party when I leave!

Protest... NO, you can't bind my feet!
Oh, well.