Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb. 11, 2011 -- Two one one, two O one one

Bird book says the American Kestrel, a falcon, or sparrow hawk, mainly eats insects.
This time of year? Maybe smaller birds? He's not by the bird feeder, anyway. Scenery was nice today, temps warming up, snow getting wet and heavy. Probably will be gone tomorrow.

I upgraded my fashionable ski outfit today.
Mr. Nosy had to inspect the gear.

And breaking news from Jefferson City...

"Oh, No! They Found Us!"

"Eat Them, I'm Stale!"
(Grant just emailed me these exciting photos.)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Feb., 2011 -- Skiing in the Ozarks

I have my own private ski hill here in MOUNTAIN Grove, loosely based on the designs of Aspen Mountain, Vail and Steamboat Springs, which I frequented back in high school. When I graduated in 1961, lift ticket at Aspen was $8.00 a day. Today, day rate at Aspen is $96.00 a day, Vail's $105.00 a day. Aspen has a 56 inch base and 11 inches of new snow on 675 acres with 64 miles in 76 trails, 3 miles longest run, from 8,000 feet to 11,000 feet summit.
My MOUNTAIN is a little bit less extensive, designed on 10 acres, with 3 trails (one uphill, one downhill, one on the flats) in .7 miles, elevation varies from 1465 to 1505 feet summit. Preferred method to get to the summit, walking.
Wildlife abounds, and sometimes it's difficult to maneuver with Stinker-Cat milling around the boots. And while paused to enjoy the glorious silence and scenery, a hint of REAL stinker essence wafts from the bushes. (It gives real incentive to hustle back to the top of the run, and being armed is not discouraged).

There is a great thrill in making the first tracks in the fresh snow!

Aw, somebody beat me to it.

At the start of the big downhill run...

Scoot the critters out of the way, and push off!

Ooh, steep!

Wasn't that a rush???

No long lift-lines here!

I guess you know, I really don't want to be here...
I'm just a roadie, following along...

Always, always be fashionable.