Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 June, 2009 -- Some airplanes

EAA meeting this morning... nobody flew in to Willow, I suppose it was because of all the dense ground fog. Sissies.

There were a few planes in the hangar, though. The crew was working on the real Pietenpol. The other planes were just sitting around. Snoopy's flying a mailbox, it's up for raffle. The balsa planes are for tossing out during the July 4th parade. That's Charlie's Mustang, and Luna's C150.

12 June, 2009 -- Iowa plane, another one!

Amy and Mathew, weather forced them down and by chance they landed at Mtn. Grove for awhile, on their way to Arkansas.
From Ames, and they know Randy! How small a world is this...

And, we have a back porch! Recycled hangar roofing beams. How exciting a world is this...

Friday, June 12, 2009

11 June, 2009 -- Night life

It will only last until morning, so I lit it up with a flashlight. It's all tangled up with other plants, so couldn't extricate it to bring it up on the deck to enjoy.

Coming from the revetment out back, in an inch rainwater, this fellow was sitting on a rusty paint bucket. Couldn't find his companion, who was answering his call.

We got a huge tarp over the darkroom finally.
Maybe it will dry out some in there now. At least it won't drip as much.

Don buzzed by in Peggy's classy Mustang. He said he was doing battery and alternator repairs. Yeah, right... we know what he was doing... cruising! He denied that, said "oh, I have a motorcycle for that".

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 June, 2009 -- Rain and wind - what else is new...

Rain this afternoon, an inch, temp 86 degrees, wind 32 mph.
This evening, temp 65 degrees, humidity 93 percent.
Hey, it's Missouri, and it's summer. Well, almost.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 June, 2009 -- An airplane! From Iowa!

Not our Iowa bunch, though. This charter pilot is from Estherville. Now, that's about 20 miles from Royal, where Fonda's dad Allen was born, and Spencer, where Allen's grandmother Daisy lived. Small world. They had to fly the long way home, first to Wichita, KS to get around thunderstorms, then head back north, almost to Minnesota.

And here we are back on the scaffolding again, up on the roof.
Chunked up some broken cement again today (not on the roof);
might pour a new small slab tomorrow. It goes on and on.

Monday, June 8, 2009

8 June, 2009 -- One month ago, the roof said g'bye

A month ago, this beam was threatening the two airplanes. Today, it's back up, a great deal more secure.

Well, I got a ride today... Lloyd needed a pair of hands to hold some 2x6 boards while he bolted them to the beam. It ain't like flying, but it did sway a bit!

Mowed around the runway, and sawed off some sprouting trees off the east end. Sure was humid today, supposed to get some rain this week.

7 June, 2009 -- Cement, cement, cement...

First, chunk it up. Next, toss it in the little trailer, haul it to the house.
Now, toss it out of the trailer.
OK, mix cement, pour it on the old chunks. Hey, we're gonna have a back porch!

One blueberry! Two blueberries! Fonda and LAD picked strawberries.

There goes a yard ornament! Randy's old Chevy truck will have a new life.

Yeah, I'm hid, I'm hid... Took Briggs for a hunt, didn't find anything, but he's always nervous about being away from the beaten path. He loves to roll in the clay, it's his color.