Saturday, July 26, 2008

26 July, 2008 -- Headed to Oshkosh

It's that time again, and there were several planes refueling today, on their way to the EAA Fly-In Airventure at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Sniff, sniff, I don't get to go, sigh.

No, I didn't pump THAT much. But I did transfer aviation fuel all day, made four loads from the storage tank at home, to the airport tank, over 900 gallons. Won't run out this week!

Jan brought her baby kittens to me this afternoon for an overnighter, while they go to the lake. Kits make nice shoe ornaments, eh?

Late afternoon storm coming at us from Kansas. Might get lightning picture tonight. If I can stay awake!

Going to Oshkosh, too? I don't think so, just a local flight. This is a buckeye.

LAD 's not the only one who dabbles in chocolate pudding... I snatched this off your Just Us blog. Everyone should see Fonda's puddin' picture!

Iowa bug

He's kind of fascinating to look at. No idea what kind he is. The flower was a rose. Click on the photo to see a real close up!
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Scrap Your Day-July 25th Album

Actually got these pictures printed and into my album. Now I need to go back and do JUNE!!!

25 from the 25th

Not sure why it always works out to have 25 pics, but it does! The
25th was a Friday this month, so just another work/school day for LAD
and I. I walked at lunch and got a few flower and bug pictures. LAD
and I visited Hardware Hank's after work/school to buy a new mailbox.
Ours took a beating this past winter and is falling apart. We got a
bargain, a dented one at 50% off. Who cares, it's going to get
whacked by the snowplow this winter anyway! Later we made chocolate
pudding. See my blog for more details about this event. Then later
playing and reading before bed. Not really a very eventful day.

25 July, 2008 -- Marshall & back

Poor turtle, the flat one, ate breakfast, then fell off the edge of the concrete and flipped himself upside down. Before I could get the camera focused, he was almost upright again. Then he wandered off for the day.

I drove my vw towing the tow dolly, to Marshall to retrieve the boys'
van, as they abandoned it there when they moved the cropdusting
operation to the Ames, Iowa area on Wednesday. This old restored car
pulled out in front of me and I couldn't catch up to identify it.

Air conditioner has quit again in the vw, so by the time I reached Marshall, I was soggy. I dried out on the way home under the air conditioner in the van. Ted, the Marshall airport honcho for today, helped me hitch up the rig, and I visited a few minutes with Dyer the Flyer before he took up another load. He said he wished the boys were still in Marshall, as work just keeps coming in!

You know, we never had air conditioning, back in those years when my dad drove our Nash Rambler all over the west on our two-week vacations, at 45 mph, camping out in makeshift tent/leanto against the Rambler. He always favored Ramblers because the seats laid down for beds at night. We NEVER spent a night in a motel. My sister and I would stick our legs and arms out the windows draped with wet washrags as we drove along. Those were the good old days... (???) (Maybe). Of course, the humidity out west was only about 10 percent on a very humid day! I don't remember my clothes ever being wet unless we stood out in the rain, or dipped
into the Pacific, or jumped into a lake in Idaho, or the Crystal River in Colorado, or the water hose in Las Vegas.

I intended to get a lightning photo tonight, but it just sprinkled a bit and the lightning quit. Don did airport duty this afternoon, and Ben gathered the war kittens before dark. I set the alarm & closed the gate. Guess I'll hit the hay.

Friday, July 25, 2008

24 July, 2008 .. Thursday, I think...

Well, blow me down again... NOT

And you thought your life was complicated...

Smudge has such a complicated life. Whaaa ??? ..

Leaking nozzle, Neil to the rescue. He never fails.

Golden flowers, golden friends.

G'ma Airplane, Cluck cluck... Thanks, Jan, for the supper

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 July, 2008 .. Morning Dew

The zinnias have bloomed, the Gerber Daisy, too, with drops of morning dew. The little flower garden is overflowing now.

Fueled up but not overflowing, headed for Ohio. And, haven't I seen this airplane before, too? I think he just goes out and taxis around.

Hellooooo? Come on out, here's food!

LAD's handprint didn't quite work out right. Wrong kind of plaster, overnight in the dehydrator. Glue will fix it.

The boys are moving the motorhome and Ag Husky from Marshall to Iowa today.

G'ma Airplane, still home alone