Saturday, July 17, 2010

17 July, 2010 -- A very pretty "Whatsit"

Fonda's guess:
something frozen? something frozen in blue ice?
a blueberry popsicle? a blue reflection?
something in a blue reflection?
something reflecting in blue paint? on a blue airplane? too shiny for the VW.
(There is one word that's relevant in all of Fonda's guess).

Fonda: relevant word: ummmm BLUE?
G'ma Airplane: are you kidding? no
And where are the rest of my loyal follower guessers?

Lisa's guess: A beluga whale in an aquarium with the camera flash reflecting off of the glass.
(Nope, but that's creative).

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

15 July, 2010 .. Happy Birthday, Fonda!

Happy birthday, Fonda... my little girl turns .. uh, well, uh, ... over 40 some.
But not until 4 p.m. on the 15th.
Always artistic! Chocolate pudding! Who needs paints?

Monday, July 12, 2010

12 July, 2010 -- More props to ponder

Ok, geniuses, or geniusi... here we have a leaning airplane, plus some really REALLY weird props. I think this droid is haunted.
This is a Thrush 600 that came from Mississippi on its way to Marshall. Seems to be a really popular place, huh?

12 July, 2010 -- more storms

Took some 30 second time exposures of a storm that moved north of us to the east, over by Cabool. There's another rain cell about to hit, then it will be over for today.

12 July, 2010 -- 11 July rain

Time to mow again.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 July, 2010 -- howdy!

Hello, my name is Squeaky.
Hi!!! [Bounce bounce] I'm Stinky! That's my name, that is. wanna play??? [Bounce bounce]
No, thank you, I just want to look around.
Oh, ok. We'll play soon, huh? [Bounce bounce] Whatcha lookin' at, huh huh??? [b b].

They nosed up a few times, exchanged rumbles and rrrrrs, kept a body length apart, and showed signs of being friends, some company for Stinker.

Droid is becoming friendlier, too. Thanks to Fonz for the editing tip!

Hey, raining again.

11 July, 2010 -- new bike

Don traded again. Wow color!

10 July, 2010 -- lost propellers

I found the lost propellers on the droid phone.
Now those are weird effects, and I want a scientific explanation!
Come on, brainiacs, gimme!

Now, the descending prop blade (on the left) is moving faster than the ascending prop blade (on the right, due to gravity), and that would account for it being ahead of the ascending blade in the photo (according to the slow shutter speed of the phone camera relative to engine speed).
However, how can a fixed blade prop move faster on one side than the other side, considering that they are both bolted to a fixed plate driven by the engine.
Mainly I want to know how a Piper Pacer can have a mustache?
And I swear, I did not Photoshop any of these images!