Saturday, June 7, 2008

6 June, 2008 Scrapbook

Got a late night appeal from Fonda for pictures to fit into a scrapbook layout. Just a couple...

That is one brave bug, crawling into a bird's nest, don't you think?

I lied about Briggs' whiskers. He still has two black ones, one on
each side. Wrong again.

Went hunting this afternoon, with no mice found. Wonder why. Ptoooey Phtoo Phtooey. That's an Eastern Yellowbelly Racer (not the cat), commonly known in Missouri as the "blue racer". Eats bugs, rodents, and other little creepy crawlies including other snakes.

Bitty the War Kitten. What's in YOUR wallet?

Sprinkled some rain today. What's a day without rain? A day somewhere not in Missouri, I guess. Ended with a nice sunset, though. Tomorrow is the EAA garage sale, Young Eagles flights, and perhaps blue skies with little wind! Do ya think it's possible? Maybe I'll have photos of something besides War Kittens and Vile Weather.

G'ma Airplane

Friday, June 6, 2008

5 June, 2008 Night Lights

The moon tonight is just a sliver. I let the camera choose the exposure, handheld, too lazy to go get the tripod.

The neighbor's house looks like it's on fire, but it's just the yard light and a time exposure.

This is the ball park in town, almost 2 miles away. I like the little red and yellow snakes.

Iowa's getting it, we're about to get it tonight. Better unplug everything.

Wandering around the airport this afternoon, I found a yucca in the shadow of the forest, about to bloom. I'll keep an eye on it. Believe it or not, the wind was blowing today (officially gusting to 35.1). Not a good day to be flying.

G'ma Airplane blowin' in the wind

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 June, 2008 Fuzz and whiskers

Found fuzzy baby killdeer chicks running in the driveway today. Ain't he cute?

The bluebird babies are still snug in their box, five of them, out in that big oak tree behind Ben's hangar.

Remember Briggs had two black whiskers, and his mama Squeaky has one white whisker? Well, I was harassing Briggs this afternoon and discovered that he's only got one black whisker now, isn't that fascinating? (No, I didn't pluck the other one so the cats would match!).

Speaking of whiskers, he did run the weed eater a little bit today, after getting it running for me. I worked around the airport sign and fence, and some at home. Man, that's worse than pushing the mower.

G'ma Airplane, 28.4 mph WINDY day

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 June, 2008 Mow, Mow, Miss

How come after mowing everything in sight, there are always a few renegades that defy the blades???

Brown Thrasher was chip-chip-chipping in the wind, and it finally blew him away! It was only gusting to 30 today, what's the big deal.

Checked in on the baby birds, and they look a little blue-er than a couple of days ago (my imagination?), and they're getting a little more furry. There are no parents throwing fits around the box, like the robins did around their nest which was out in the open.

Last night, the post wouldn't go through to the web site, and I sent it four times with various layouts. So I logged on to the site and posted it again this morning. Well, tonight, they all finally went through, so there were five of the same thing! And tonight, it might be doing the same thing. I'll see in the morning. (Eureka, it posted!!! It posted!!!)

G'ma Airplane posting tonight!

2 June, 2008 Rain, rain

Thunder & lightning & rain rain.

Drove to Willow Springs to the EAA hangar to add to the piles of stuff for the garage sale coming up Saturday. Jerry's little Cessna 150 watches over everything.

These sister ships live in back-to-back hangars at Aurora, Illinois. Friend Sue sent the pictures of the 172s. They had some sunshine!

Worked on some of the photos I shot the other day, when we had some sunshine. That's Willow Springs' Airport.

G'ma Airplane posting June 2

Sunday, June 1, 2008

1 June, 2008 Ruum Sorvees, Pleez?

Room Service, complete with mint on pillow (these guys don't eat MINTS!) Prepped the motor home for the next trip, to the corn fields, probably, if they ever dry out. More rain went through last night, again.

There are some things ruum sorvees just can't handle.

Kent brought his 150 in from Pegasus for its annual inspection. I
liked the angles in this image, sort of different, for an airplane picture.

G'Ma Airplane posting, first of JUNE already.


I have a Bind-It-All so thought I should probably utilize that
instead of buying the MM calendar. So I gathered some 12x12
cardstock, sliced, diced, punched and bound and came up with this.
It's the same format as the MM calendar, so it will work well.

I cut a circle in the cover and the first page has the 25 attached to it.

I used a pack of coordinating paper from my stash and I like how the
colors turned out. I stamped random journaling stamps on the left
edge and basically followed Shimelle's layout and design. It made it
very simple to make all the pages in the album before putting in the photos.

Just detail of the flipability of the 3 photos. Attached with
bookbinding tape.

I think I took 130 pictures this day and man did I get a lot into
these 2 pages. Had to add an extra insert with more photos and will
put journaling on back. Most pics punched at 1.5 or 1 and bigger ones
are about 3x5. I think I got 33 photos in these pages. Wow, I think
that's the most I've ever put on a set of SB pages!!!

Flipped the insert, journaling to go there.

Just the next month, ready for photos. When I made the album, I set
up a assembly line and stamped, attached all the patterned paper, etc
so all my pages are ready for photos! It was a nice feeling to get
that part all done!!!