Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 May, 2009 -- Fishin'

Fishin'... Jamie caught one bass. The rest of us just beat on the water.
Must be nice to have Mommy unload your hook for ya!
LAD had a couple of bites on a fat worm... Do you want to put it on the
hook, LAD? "No, it's dirty." Well, it'll be clean in a minute!

Jared played monkey, after hooking the tree.

Jared played monkey, after hooking the tree.

All these photos are from Fonda's new camera, except the last one.

Friday, May 1, 2009

1 May, 2009 - IA to MO in the rain

Fonda and LAD arrived this evening after a longdaylong drive from Iowa.

LAD got a new softie airplane with the SGF logo on it.
(He brought his fishin' pole and net for fishin' in the pond).

Fonda got a box of gold. LAD helped mommy unwrap it all.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 April, 2009 -- Turkey shuffle

Randy spotted these bearded turkeys ambling through a neighbor's pasture.
Same ones we see at the airport. I can tell. Yeah, right.

What????? First, I thought it was a mushroom. Then, what kind of strange,
mutated animal or bird...?

It's a sunburned glob of expanding foam that escaped from a crack in Ben's hangar.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

29 April, 2009 -- Blooming things

Remember those orchids back on April 6? Juanita's are
blooming, mine was just a long stem.

Well, it finally busted loose with a tiny blossom!

Randy and I hunted for morels again today, he found a couple of good
ones, I found a huge one that's past its edible time. Biggest one I've ever
seen, I think.

28 April, 2009 -- Flying things

Found this robin's nest, raggedy mess, outside the back door. Some of got it stuck in the door when I closed it. Haven't looked inside for young-uns yet.

Randy did some spraying this evening, after a full week of high winds.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

26 April, 2009 -- Flowerbed

Spring spring wind wind spring wind etc. There's only been one day of ag spraying in a week.

Worked up the flower bed, planted a tomato and pole beans. Why not? They can grow all over the trumpet vine!

Yes, planted a few flowers, too. The remnants of roofing will keep the neighbor pups from "using" the flower bed for awhile. The white sprinkles in the first picture are paper shreds stirred into the soil. They make good mulch on the surface if they get wet. Otherwise they blow away.

Moved the houseplants out to the shelter. Lookie, new carpet scrap to keep down the weeds. The ants won't nest under carpet.

25 April, 2009 -- Go to the airport, take pics of CARS

Why not, aren't we tired of airplanes? Well, no, but there weren't any airplanes except
the Wright Flyer replica, at Open House at the new midfield terminal at SGF.

There were streams of cars in and out of the parking lots. Today people could wander
around the new terminal without going through security.

These two cars, sponsored by Bass Pro Outdoor World were at the entrance to the terminal.

I drove back around to the old terminal to take a picture in the ticketing area where the Wright Flyer used to hang. In the baggage area, I found this red jeep, old equipment from 1947.

Later at 1MO, Randy and I shuffled through the woods beyond the new grass; found a
beehive, some morel mushrooms near a stream, a couple of deer and a turkey. Only the
stationary items were photographed.