Tuesday, March 20, 2012

17 March, 2012 -- Firsts - and other challenges

The challenge is out... find the season's firsts: I WIN!
The first airplane!
Wright Flyer replica, hanging in the Springfield, MO airport. The guys in our EAA Chapter in Willow Springs built it, flew it, took it apart and reassembled it (twice).
First bugs: ants on the sidewalks of Las Vegas.

First ladybug
First bloom found in Las Vegas.

Long, but very narrow.
Springfield to Dallas, then to Las Vegas on a 757, just a tad bigger.

When in Vegas, do as Vegasns do.
Everything's looking good... and then...
I lost 5 so fast, I quit.
Sorry, donations not refunded.

My sis Caro bought an Ipad, last year's model. While she was haggling with her Capital One card company, the Pillagers showed up! What's in your wallet? (We were all relieved that he didn't come inside.)

Cuz Jody almost bought a new hammer. We always go heavy duty shopping!
Gerry and Caro spent a day getting the Ipad set up, between card games. Since there were mobs of St. Pat's celebrations happening down on the Strip, we just did our gambling at home. Cheapies.
The mob at Jody's Palace of Delights in Las Vegas: chocolates, caramels, bbq... complete with guard dog Yuma, who delighted in stirring up every other critter on our walks through the neighborhood.
This beastie carried me home Sunday, 5 hour trip to Atlanta; 7 people wide, and I got the widest person on the plane with a squirmy 2 year old in her lap. Atlanta to Springfield on a 4-wide was much more comfy. Jet lag? whazzzat?