Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 15, 2015 -- Happy Birthday, Fonzie!

We remember it well! We talked about it today, and the blackberry pickin' chigger bites I suffered!
Your dad and I were at Cindy & Larry's on Sunday, waiting for you to happen. G'ma and G'pa Newhouse had gone back to Denver, to work on Monday. We meandered around the park at Lake Springfield, and I slipped and fell on the grass. Nothing happened. Then, Monday morning, July 15, 1968, while folding laundry... such mundane household chores... Fonda Shay did happen! Most beautifullest little girl in the world! Dad picked out your name, you know. Had to have a name to get released from the hospital, or I guess they would be inclined to keep you. We wanted you more than they wanted you!
Happy Birthday, Fonzie. Mom and Dad love you!
Fonda doing her most favorite thing!
She was standing in her daddy's cowboy boots, lovin' it!