Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 Jan., 2010 -- A "handy" place to meet & eat

First, we talk (lie?) about airplanes.
Then we eat.

Then we talk about airplanes some more.

These guys really did fly this morning!
There were four of them; just rumbled on by.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 Jan., 2010 -- It's for the birds

Newbie flyer at the feeder... red wing blackbird.
The doves just hang around, picking up a little corn now and then.

The cardinals, on the other hand, aggressively compete with the
sparrows and juncos for those sunflower seeds.
They all are all fluffed up today, braving that cold wind.
Wind chill about 3 below, wind gusting to 30. Iowa's got it worse!

Inside, the jewel orchid is still blooming.

The air is so dry, this orchid has put out hundreds of aerial roots, looking for moisture.
And in the veggie cupboard, the turnips were sprouting, so I put them in the west window
where they could soak up some late afternoon sun.

5 Jan., 2010 -- Geocaching, bushwhacking. Before the (new) snow.

Larry had to dig around in the "boneyard" to find his two hidden treasures.
"Are you licensed to do this?"

Juanita's were easier, "it's a bird, but not Big Bird."
"Maybe you should take the bus."

They were learning the tricks of a new gps unit.
Touch screen, whooooo, very modern!

Tonight we got about 2 inches of snow. Don't know what it will be like in the morning.
Cold, too dry to make a snowman. Can't even pelt each other with a snowball!
Iowa has its share. And MORE.

Monday, January 4, 2010

4 January, 2010 -- Drip, drip drip

Wind and sum make winter bearable, once in awhile!
Embossed, it's hard to tell the low spots from the high spots.

Shotgun? Wormholes? Birdies on tiptoe?
Naa, just a little drippy today, even though it was cold.
But then, it's January, ya know.