Saturday, August 9, 2008

9 Aug., 2008 -- Some Saturday airport stuff

After breakfast at Willow Springs Saturday morning, Ben and Scott flew to Lebanon in the Sport.

Sporty wheel pants, eh? Cessna 150 taildragger.

Roy, meanwhile, kept working. It wasn't hot today, just a sprinkle now & then in the afternoon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

8 8 08 -- D8re ya, d8re ya, d0uble d8re ya...

I dare you, just guess this guy's last name!

Easier: guess the model. From St. Louis, a day late.

Isn't that a pretty airport?

Roy's been mowing more hay today. Loretta drove in to deliver him some refreshments. She opened the trunk to carry home a tractor part, and ...

egad! Loretta, where's your winter emergency clothes? Where's your bungee cords? Where's your sleeping bag? Where's your empty oil cans? Where's your operator's manual? Where's your used empty zip-lock bags? Where's your jumper cables? Where's your camp shovel? Where's your rags? Where's your power inverter? Where's your spare fuses? Where's your TOOL

Roy dangle-waggled his slip-joint pliers like a dainty teacup, from the tractor, "Here's Loretta's tool box... hee hee."

So, what's in your trunk? (Uh, oh, another theme, another project).

Now, I dare you. Would YOU put your hand in there to pet Briggs, the elder War Kitten? Double dare?

All arms and legs.

I almost forgot, Roy reported catching a bluegill. Well, a couple other species, too, but he wasn't bragging about it.

7 Aug., 2008 .. Red Sky At Night

Red Sky At Night, Sailor's Delight, right?

Well, boys, here's something that will delight you. Not serious, I hope. Also, at 60 hours, the 180 is due for an oil change. Aren't you glad to see that you will have something to do.

By golly, the crack-o-dawn fellow from Colorado didn't show up. Of course, there were massive storms between MO and CO, that's called KS. But even the guy who called from St. Louis didn't show up, either. Whodathunkit.

Roy's going fishing in the morning, got some boat gas. He had to move the boat to mow under it, no sense wasting that effort. He said somebody was catching a few white bass... he knew he could do better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yak, Yak, Yak and another Yak

I tried posting this last night, but for some reason it didn't go, so trying again...

Just after Grandma Airplane departed Boone Airport last Sunday, these 4 came sauntering in, from OshKosh to destinations scattered across the US. Randy said they were Yaks, I dunno. They bunched up and came in plop, plop, fizz, fizz and rallied around the gas pump!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

6 Aug., 2008 -- M R some whoppin' tars

Yeah, whoppin' tars, awrite.

Even more impressive was this guy's gettin'-in technique.

Not much else today besides a bonanza, just a terrapin walkin' through
his food, and a Pearl Crescent butterfly, apparently very common in the
eastern U.S. They swarm at puddles, and are combative with invaders of
their territory.

Got another break-o-day-er coming from Colorado in the morning. Do you
suppose he'll actually materialize...

6 Aug., 2008 -- So I'll post early!

Went back outside, and the light show is still going on. Sooooo...

In ten minutes, I had 3 acceptable images. Time exposures, about 3 minutes. Took the camera about 3 minutes to digest each one, and that's the D2x! The old (2002 model) Canon D30 would have churned for a half hour on each one!

5 Aug., 2008 -- Ok, it's late, but...

Jan called to check on the elderly during the high heat... we'll discuss
THAT later, girl...

Ben won his election, about 4 to 1. No sweat.

Break-o-day no-show showed up at 9:30. This RV-8, unannounced, was a
much better show! On her t-shirt: R V there yet?

Dahlia started from seed, growing well, subtle pink, yellow & orange, mirrored in the sunset.

Then, after sunset (hey, we've got a CLOUD in the sky) we had a light show.

Fonda, I don't know why you shoot 200 to get a lightning shot. This only took 5. (I had to blow up a teeny part of the image, but, hey... use all the tricks!

The storm skidded north of us, so we're still dry. That's relatively speaking... humidity is about 98 percent, the grass is growing from the moisture in the morning dew. Mowing and baling going on; any outdoor activity brings on drip drip drip.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

3 Aug, 2008 -- I'm HOME!

I know, I know, you're gonna scold me for not posting for 3 days. Been a little busy. One night without internet connection! (Budget Motel).

I'll catch up, I promise.

Here's Iowa through the camera hole.

Here's Missouri through the camera hole.

Corn, corn corn.