Friday, April 24, 2009

24 April, 2009 -- Happy Birthday, Cameron, 9 on the 22nd

The waitress moooshes Cam's face into his ice cream, with Monica and Roger urging her on.

Cameron doodles during dinner. See that book on the table? Third grader, only he knows what this means.

Wednesday, April 22 was Cameron's birthday, nine. So I drove to Jeff City for the celebration.
Samantha helps Cam celebrate!

Today is the 365 day marker, I've been at this for a whole year, almost every day; only missed a few, and I had good excuses.

Thursday, I had no excuse for not posting, just didn't get around to it.
The dogwood trees are massively in bloom.

This one is near the old Frisco caboose at the park in Mountain Grove.
Back in February I visited a caboose in Little Rock that had been painted over with graffiti. This one is fenced off to prevent that.

Today, I worked the yard, cleaning up the debris left over from the roof excavation. Finally it's done.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 April, 2009 -- Flying weather finally

Finally the wind calmed down and Randy could put out a load on somebody's alfalfa!

This is the decal that a soldier put on the office door yesterday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

20 April, 2009 -- Ft. Campbell to Washington State

But only to Pueblo, Colorado today, via two fuel stops in Kansas.

Fired up, then shut down for a minor repair.

Now, this is something we haven't seen before... Blackhawk taxiing all the way up the ramp past the hangars!

Looked like he was going to taxi all the way up to Ben's hangar!

Guys had to steady Randy's Ag Truck when the Blackhawks took off. Randy didn't get to spray today, as the wind got up. Tomorrow is another day.

Still working on the roof, enclosing the east end and the north side. Tomorrow is another day.