Thursday, September 23, 2010

17, 18, 19 Sept., 2010 -- Donut Day and other stuff

Grandparents Donut Day was last Thursday,
at Cam's grade school in Jeff City. Grant and I
toured Cam's classroom and checked his paperwork.

Friday evening, Samantha's art club entered the JazzFest sidewalk art contest.

Le-artiste Sammie-J designed the lettering for their sidewalk design.

Of course, the project degenerated into "whoops, sorry... well, here! You need some more color!"

Nice lightning storm, probably washed away the chalk art.

Saturday we cleaned the pool. Well, as clean as it can be
with critters in it.

Speaking of critters: Samantha found this guy in the bushes, devouring a walking stick. Yum. Then Grant found the lady in the grass carrying all of her babies in one load. Sam also spotted a pretty web near the ducks' den.

In more normal activities, Grant, Dev and I took a walking
tour at Rocheport; antiques, crafts and art and wine tasting.

Sunday afternoon we played Lazer Tag under black light at Osage Beach. Now, that was really a vigorous workout. Naturally, later we had to eat, and celebrate Kelly's 19th birthday, and Chuck's 50something.