Saturday, November 29, 2008

29 Nov., 2008 -- In the mail

Birthday cards, oooh, Gamma's gettin' old! Thanks, y'all. Love you.

Happy Birthday Ma!

Well it only took us 9 shots to get a good one, the last shot. I won't bore everyone with ALL 9 photos, but here's a few. Taken November 7.




Hope you have a HAPPY day!
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Friday, November 28, 2008

28 Nov., 2008 -- Friday? it's Friday?

Doesn't seem like Friday.

Edited the church pictures for Jan today. Not much else going on.
Helped Lloyd catch the cats at five o'clock. They don't like going to bed so early. They
get frisky, and play "chase me" games when the sun's going down. Rattle the tin food dish
and they'll give in.

27 Nov., 2008 -- Nice Thanksgiving Day

Eddie & Linda flew the Maule over from Willow Springs for a visit, the sky was bright
blue, and the wind was calm, and it was about 65 degrees! Almost like spring.

Found some more pickup truck damage at the west end of the runway today. Demolished a
runway end light, then went through the grass and ... uh oh! ran into a cedar tree and the
fence post! That should have done some damage to the culprit's front end. Turned around and headed back up the runway, and demolished another runway end light on the way.

"Are ya doin' it right?" Don rode in on his new Harley, and inspected Lloyd's little
maintenance chore.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The 25th of November in Iowa!

Playing along with Shimelle for Scrap-Your-Day. This month's theme was including yourself in your photos. I didn't get too creative with that, just consciously remembered to DO it!

It was a rather un-eventful day. Work, school, home. Nothing too exciting. At first I thought I would have just a few pictures, but LAD pulled thru in the evening and provided photo opportunities. I think I took a total of about 50 pics, but whittled it down to about 19. Wow this might be a record for me!
Morning routine:



Cold today

This is the sight I was greeted with when I went to pick up LAD. They are very observant and spot Moms right away! I was so proud to see LAD carrying 2 purses, one pink, of course!


LAD was displaying his possessive quality here. His friend in the green shirt was saying Hi to me and LAD was telling him "That's MY mom", in a not so nice tone. It's ok buddy, it's OK.
You definitely cannot sneak up on this group, they all know who belongs to who!

Heading out.

Our obligatory stops on the way out of the building:
The fish tank across the hall.

Roxanna at the Basket Boutique.

Then at home. After supper. LAD wanted to "work". So we got out his stamps and stickers.

And one thing leads to another:



Which turned into:


Poor Harry. He's so tolerant.

What do you keep in your bottom dresser drawer?



The one who is not so tolerant...

LAD was obviously not in the room when these photos were taken (from the iMac)! :)

And that's the end!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

26 Nov., 2008 - Sweeper on the runway

The city sent their street sweeper out today, and after Tim finished removing the loose
rocks and dirt, the red clay tire tracks became more visible.

Then, just before sunset, Ben took the Sport for a spin. He flew the Luscombe, too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

25 Nov., 2008 -- Not a pretty sight

Not going to like this one... Last night, at least two pickup trucks invaded the airport and chewed up areas of the new grass.

There's a path of ruts up the slope, around the windsock, then west to the area of the
township road district maintenance yard. There, the trucks plowed down through the soft
wet ground, throwing mud and rocks onto the runway.

The trucks drove back east on the runway, went off the east end and demolished one of the
runway end lights, before driving up the slope and out through the gate, leaving it open.

There are tracks of red clay all down the length of the runway, on the airport ramp and
out the gate.

Funny thing, we were standing outside talking about it this afternoon, when we heard a
pickup with loud pipes go slowly south past the airport on Bell Crossing, turn west toward
the township yard, turn around there and retrace the path back to the north on Bell
Crossing. I grabbed a picture of the truck with my telephoto, and it appears that one of
the culprits had returned to the scene, probably to see in the daylight what he'd done in
the darkness. There is red clay all over this truck, and some thrown backwards on the
driver's door, splashed there from backing up. This is a 1989 Chevy, brown with white truck box. Driver's wearing a white hat.

Police have a copy of this picture, and Lloyd filed a report. We'll find him.