Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fonda's 25th of April, 2008

My day started off slowly, LAD and I overslept, but only by 1/2 hour!
I couldn't stand it and don't normally buy the fancy coffee drinks,
but just had to have one today. It is Friday after all! Just a few
shots at the office.

Then at 4:30 in the car, the day started at 60
degrees and is now 40s...yuck!

And the wind is BLOWING!

LAD leaving daycare. Then we went to Ankeny where LAD hung out with our friend

While his wife Angela hosted her first Close To My Heart workshop. She just became a consultant. So very excited for her!!! If you live in the central Iowa area and want to attend her Business Launch Party on May 17, just email me and I'll send you the juicy details. It will be a fun event and the Celebration includes: Summer Idea book debut, Time to order your spring and summer supplies, Give aways, Touch and take project, Yummy snacks, Ideas on how to get started, and Tips on getting organized! Pluse there's a Free gift for everyone who brings a friend!

Ma's 25th of April, 2008

My first picture today will be the dead pigeon on the garage roof,
the first victim in the PG PEE program (Pellet Gun Pigeon Eradication Effort).

Maxine Lives-Spotted in Mountain Grove, Missouri in April, 2008. I thought she lived in Iowa.

Operation Kaerat, you know, like dangling a carrot in front of the donkey?

Kitchen Ant ERAdication Trick

I hope it works, there are more today than yesterday.

I flick them onto a glue board, those who stray from the feed trough and don't stay on their trail back up the wall to the nest, where they are supposed to feed and kill the other workers and the queen.
They bounce off the wall and onto the sticky.

Randy says I need to find a hobby.

You'd think I had nothing else to do.....

Scrap Your Day-The 25th of Every Month

Nothing like another project to keep up with. This one is snap pictures on the 25th day of each month, then after a year, you have a whole collection of the everyday!
I don't think I can get Ma to scrapbook it, but just maybe I can get her to post her photos here. Just what she needs another reason to take pictures!!! So we'll both post our photos here, her in Missouri me in Iowa-335 miles apart, as the crow flies!!!
Here's where this started: Shimelle (who I did the Christmas Journal project thru) has started this project. So we'll see how it goes!!! Also see this site.
Anyone else want to join us???