Saturday, August 29, 2009

29 Aug., 2009 -- Hey, who's in charge, here...

Rhonda and Ben were zig-zagging as they approached the ramp from the hangar.
Who's in charge... who knows. They went to Gaston's, came home at sundown.

First it was orange, then it was pink. Who's in charge here... make up your mind.

Friday, August 28, 2009

28 Aug., 2009 -- The bearded one is home

Yeaaay, I get to go out to catfish supper! The first inhabitant
of the new building at the house, temporarily tonight. He shuffled a
few loads of av fuel from the house to the airport this afternoon.
Started drizzling, so we called it quits. Tomorrow I might get
those aerials shot up at Boonville, maybe the sun will shine!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

27 Aug., 2009 -- Small, but nevertheless, airplanes

Ah, come to papa! Nice landing. Bill and Betty came out later and tested another one.

Yesterday's traffic.

What's in there, huh huh?? What???

Bitty had to stick her nose in, after I unboxed and cleaned them up.
This box of goodies has been stored for about 20 years, atop the office,
under the tarp that was protecting everything after the roof departed in May.
I got up there this morning to take down the tarp, finally. We collected a few
pieces of southwestern Indian and Mexican pottery on our vacations back in
the 70s and 80s to Utah, New Mexico and Nevada. (That brass mortar and pestle
was made in Sweden) Nothing here made in China!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 Aug., 2009 -- Planning another photo mission

No traffic, no pictures today, I just worked on the MPA meeting minutes and photos.
So, here's a shot that I didn't use back on August 14, at Olney-Noble Airport in Illinois. I think this helicopter would be very hot to fly in the summertime!

Have a photo trip to the Boonville area tomorrow, if it isn't cloudy up there in the morning. Which it probably will be, as there is already sign of rain approaching KC tonight. So the trip might be Friday or Saturday. Oh, the bestest four days of the summer just slid by, and when do they call me??? at the tail end of the bestest of the bestest, and now there's weather again. sigh.

Monday, August 24, 2009

14 Aug., 2009 -- So, it's NOT just about airplanes...

So... Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki... and whatever other brands there may be out there...
The war rages on, engines, whitewalls, fuel gauges, mufflers, pegs, running boards, studs, seat cushions, dollars, horsepower, how your tail end feels at the tail end of the day...

Hey, argument over, I'm going home! (It really WAS friendly, folks)

Another glorious August day in the Ozarks. Sonic boom (two of them) this morning. Couldn't see any contrails, not enough moisture in the air, but I could hear the planes heading north northwest. They're not supposed to do that over the continental US. Tsk tsk.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

23 Aug., 2009 -- Cool, clear... it's really August?

Sunday morning in August... who'da thunk it could be so cool and clear (well, it was clear earlier). John returning from a jaunt to Willow Springs.

1946 V-tail Bonanza came in from West Plains.

22 Aug., 2009 -- Work (ok, it's flying); flowers (ok, it's work)

Bootheel this morning, clouds obeyed and stayed away.
These were more interesting than the usual test plots;
these canals run for miles down the center of the bootheel
into Arkansas.

Closer I got to home, the more clouds. Mtn. View is closed, excavation going on.

So, out mowing (the "work" part), there's this spike of yellow
where it shouldn't be, where I've mowed and sprayed before.
Oh, well... stop and smell the roses, you know.

They aren't roses, but they are bright, with such elegant leaves.

Now, I was out shooting the new moon, and noticed this busy spidey under our new roof.
So busy, just a blur. I wanted a Halloween pic with the spider against the bright moon, but it didn't work out. Use your imagination.

Sequence of the night blooming cereus! Just a bud... then a fat bud with a little flare...
then a fat blossom I wish you could smell it we could be in Hawaii...