Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013 -- Out of range - not

June 18. Oops... not a prairie falcon, but the American Kestrel, commonly known as the sparrow hawk, ranging everywhere. Now that I have it on my radar, I see them everywhere. The babies have flown the coop now. Comical, I watched one try to fly to the high power line, didn't make it all the way and tried to grab on to the wooden pole. Failing to hang on to that, it did a 180 and tried for a nearby garage rooftop. Failing to reach that, it bounced off the garage wall and drifted into the grass below, unharmed.

June 5. Prairie Falcon, as near as I can identify, nested in the rafters of our big garage. Yesterday, either the baby fell out because of crowding, or it was just time to fly. However, the baby wouldn't fly away, just ran around on the carport. It wasn't around today, and two are still in the cave. Normal range is mid-Texas and on west.