Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 july, 2010 -- not friends yet

This Android spaceship phone and I are not good friends yet.
I took these at 5 this afternoon, sent them, and nothing happened,
except that the Air Tractor took off for Marshall and beat the electronic
internet cyberspace hyperspace wireless wifi satellite 3g 2g mp4
youname-it techie mms sps tsp abc alphabet web wuu wuu wuu
http battery (draining) operated world of the teens there.
I found, on the phone, miles of unsent emails with images. I still have 3 emails from this morning that it will not send.
That's why there is "another weird prop photo" that hasn't arrived.
Friends? not yet. Droid, let's get going...

note: I still wonder at the effects the droid phone camera has on the propellers.

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Fonda said...

Not sure why you have bent props, that is weird. Your pics won't email because they are so big. I had the same issue. Go to the Market or App store and find Pictures FX/Camera FX. You can use it to take pictures with and it has a gallery, but it let's you resize them. It's a pain, but then they will email better. Plus you don't need those big pics on the blog anyway. Or reduce the size of the image you are taking, if you know it's something you want to upload, then they will be a smaller size too. Nothing is ever easy! There's also a photoshop mobile, but it might have been one to pay for, can't remember. I haven't used it much. Use that Camera/Pictures FX one.