Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 July, 2010 -- lost propellers

I found the lost propellers on the droid phone.
Now those are weird effects, and I want a scientific explanation!
Come on, brainiacs, gimme!

Now, the descending prop blade (on the left) is moving faster than the ascending prop blade (on the right, due to gravity), and that would account for it being ahead of the ascending blade in the photo (according to the slow shutter speed of the phone camera relative to engine speed).
However, how can a fixed blade prop move faster on one side than the other side, considering that they are both bolted to a fixed plate driven by the engine.
Mainly I want to know how a Piper Pacer can have a mustache?
And I swear, I did not Photoshop any of these images!

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Fonda said...

That's maybe the freakiest thing i've ever seen...