Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 Aug., 2009 -- On the road, in Illinois

Yeah, I know,... where's that???

Jacksonville, Illinois, end of a long day. But it was a milestone for this guy who built a Pober Pixie. This was his maiden flight! And he made a beautiful landing, and his wife was waving him on. He got his tailwheel endorsement in a nice Luscombe. This one was easy!
Tomorrow, I'm on across Illinois to Indiana, then the bootheel, then down to Memphis, then maybe home. Maybe not. Add to the 600 or so photos of the ground that I shot today. All the corn I've seen so far is looking good.
I fueled up in Marshall, saw to it that Lloyd was still working. Some. They are caught up again with the spraying, for today anyway.

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