Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 Aug., 2009 -- Simple, just air up the tires

Airing up the 180 mains, yes those are my hands! Had to loosen up the wheel pants to get to the valve.

Larry toted the air, rolled the airplane, Ben shot pictures and made sure everybody knows that I neglected to remove the cap from the valve before trying to air the tires up. Duh

Then Ben did portraits of Smudge, while I raised the new Alaska wind indicator that Juanita brought back from vacation in July.

Got stung twice by hornets coming out of the ground right next to the flagpole! Ben got me doing the extermination. Larry and Ben thought my dance was funny. I showed them my stung finger. Even.


J.D. said...

First of all, nothings "simple." Secondly, getting stung can make you dance even if you don't know how!

Ma said...

But... I already KNOW how to dance.

J.D. said...

Well...then quit getting stung, silly!