Monday, June 8, 2009

7 June, 2009 -- Cement, cement, cement...

First, chunk it up. Next, toss it in the little trailer, haul it to the house.
Now, toss it out of the trailer.
OK, mix cement, pour it on the old chunks. Hey, we're gonna have a back porch!

One blueberry! Two blueberries! Fonda and LAD picked strawberries.

There goes a yard ornament! Randy's old Chevy truck will have a new life.

Yeah, I'm hid, I'm hid... Took Briggs for a hunt, didn't find anything, but he's always nervous about being away from the beaten path. He loves to roll in the clay, it's his color.


Fonda said...

Back Porch! Amazing. Now for some steps!

Ma said...

Yeah, well, we've only lived here for 9 years. Who needs steps... You just open the door and fall out.