Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 June, 2009 -- Jamie's Dance (and other friends)

Jamie's dance recital... two hours of entertainment, with lots of surprises for the big crowd!

Jamie's mommy and Uncle Steve chat during the break. Steve was tending to some of the sound system controls. He wouldn't let me touch anything... shucks.

Here we have friends Joyce and Clara Faye.

Sherry is in the back row, being quite elegant, you know.

Joyce, Clara Faye and Sherry. Don't know the lady on the left.

This is Gracie! She's really animated and dances with zest!

I think she was grinning at Grandpa Steve and Uncle Donny!

So, would you like fries with that? Sky with your full moon? Or just moon?

Different lens tonight, not as good for that long distance. But just right for the dance.
Fonda's moons are spectacular!


Whitehills said...

Hey internet is back up. The picture's of Jamie are great. Thanks for coming they really put on a pretty good show. Jan

fsanders27 said...

Thanks for the pictures! I didn't get to go to the show, work gets in the way of my social life sometimes.