Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 June, 2009 -- An airplane! From Iowa!

Not our Iowa bunch, though. This charter pilot is from Estherville. Now, that's about 20 miles from Royal, where Fonda's dad Allen was born, and Spencer, where Allen's grandmother Daisy lived. Small world. They had to fly the long way home, first to Wichita, KS to get around thunderstorms, then head back north, almost to Minnesota.

And here we are back on the scaffolding again, up on the roof.
Chunked up some broken cement again today (not on the roof);
might pour a new small slab tomorrow. It goes on and on.


Fonda said...

Looks like Lloyd will have it repaired himself before anyone can get time to come fix it.

Ma said...

It has taken a month to do a week's work, Lloyd and Ben and me. The roofing contractor should come to look tomorrow.