Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 June, 2009 -- This is almost like work

I thought I'd spend the day leaning on the shovel.... well, did that... and clawing mud with the post hole digger, and chunking old concrete, and "water boy" (yes, Randy, I know), and head down in a three foot deep hole chasing a rope to tie on to a concrete chunk, and... then mowed some grass (push mower, not that sissy riding thing).

We set the two corner posts. Now we just need a beam or two, a roof and a door. (Look in the background there, a cat's drinking out of the water bucket. She did that all day!)

Ben and Zack showed up just at the end, and Ben had to see how high that scissor jack/lift would go... as far as you feel safe... ok, that's far enough... and in the picture he was already on the way down!

There's that June-Moon again!

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